"It’s like a church service, only with no message?"

Day: 9
Date: 26/07/08
Event: Seaworld

“In what?”
“I don’t know! Dreams! Dreams work! Believe in dreams!”

That, as far as I can figure out, was the message of the Shamu Show at Seaworld this afternoon. I guess it’s hard to be inspirational when you’re working from a Post-modern starting point! 😛 It was a very interesting show though. They had a “salute to the troops” to start off, which is something I’ve seen very rarely at home, if ever. Moreover, when the military is recognised in Canada it tends to come with a message of the horrors of war as the focus. Whereas this was just a thank-you to the people have signed away their lives for the defence of the majority. I was pleased. 🙂 Then came the actual show, with the above theme. And me in the back row sneering internally. *sigh* I need to work on having a better attitude towards inspiration activities.

But it was funny to see how the whales would perform a trick, and be rewarded with a hug. ~Very touching.~ The attention would then shift to another whale- and the first whale would be subtly rewarded with a double handful of fish. But the whales are doing these things for the love of their trainers, really! They’re cuddly! Never mind that they started off the show by identifying Killer Whales as the largest predator of the seas. However, I suppose my willing suspension of disbelief was crippled slightly by the fact that I read the first half of Life of Pi last night, and was suspicious of anthropomorphism.

The day was good. We saw crocodiles, stingrays, sharks, and many more. Also turtles, which I mention so that I will not have named only dangerous water creatures. We also rode several rides, the others more than I. After I was blacking out during the roller coaster I took pictures from the ground while the remainder of the G5 rode a second time. I draw the line at physical repercussion from rides. *is steadfast*


3 thoughts on “"It’s like a church service, only with no message?"

  1. Despite all the touchy-feely animal stuff, I REALLY want to go to Sea-World some day. Like, a lot.On a slightly related note, did you hear about the whale accidentally crushing its trainer to death?

  2. I love whales. Like, a lot. I also like the Predatory ones most. Them, and humpback whales, who are my favourite. I’m not sure what that says about me…If I believed in dreams, I’d be in deep trouble, and seeing a psychiatrist twice a week. But maybe that’s just my dreams.I’m also jealous of your intimate relations with rollercoasters. I love rides so scary fast that I want to scream and faint and laugh all at the same time!

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