Sometimes it’s hard to remain upbeat.

Day: 8
Date: 25/07/08
Event: Shopping

We spent the day at the mall.
It was hot out.
The money was provided.
I bought a dress and some books.
I got to talk to lovely people on the internet.


4 thoughts on “Sometimes it’s hard to remain upbeat.

  1. Okay what is this post even about? You bought a dress and some books? What kind of dress was it? What did it look like? Fashion, make, fabric, hm?What books did you get? Genre? Hardback/paperback? Author? Title?INFO PLEASE!!

  2. I was not in the mood for writing that day. *cheesy grin* Can you tell?I bought Life of Pi (papberback novel), and Great British Speeches (hardcover non-fiction), a collection of Dr. Suess, (Hardcover Children’s Fiction), Olivia, (a Hardcover picture book), and a preasant for Charlotte. I considered Fruits Basket 20, but decided against it at the last. If I bought more I don’t remember them. 😀 Borders is fun!And it was a grey-blue dress from Old Navy, which store I think I like but did not have much time in due to watching my sisters shop instead of doing so myself. There will be a picture on Facebook, rest assured.

  3. I LOVE Old navy! It’s also usually reasonable, which appeals to the Scot within me. And I really need to read Life of Pi. It’s almost a classic. Also, Dr. Seuss is my hero. Thank you, Roomie, for getting more information out of her ^_^

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