"You’ve been to HOW many theme parks this week?" "We start early."

Day: 7
Date: 24/07/08
Event: Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure

Universal pwns Disney. That’s all there is to say! Look at this way- Universal is geared toward teenagers, and I still have two months left on that count. Also, instead of vaguely saying that the “cast members” in Disney would notice the wish buttons, Universal gave us a pass to show to the Greeter at the start of the line; which meant that we did a LOT.

First, the Twister ride. Then The Mummy returns coaster. On that one the staff loading the cars referred to us as “sacrifices,” which set the mood nicely. Next stop, DISASTER! Which I found hilarious. It’s about disaster movies, and we had a rather funny director.

“I need a hot hunky man- not personally, of course! Yes, you sir! Would you refer to yourself as hot and hunky?”

Then while walking away from that ride, we spotted a wall climbing booth. I took pictures. I offer in my defence the fact that there were only four lines. Then, Jaws, lunch, Fear FactorLIVE, and MIB in quick secession. At this point we were starting to flag slightly, but we decided to try the Simpsons ride. It was rather interesting, since it was an animated ride. The car was on hydraulics, and surrounded by an Imax-style screen. As a result, the car could hurl down a collapsing roller coaster, for instance, without universal actually having to build a collapsing roller coaster track.

It’s two o-clock in the afternoon, you’re tired, and you’ve done everything in the park that you want to do. What now? If you’re the G5, you head next door to another park! Did I mention that we’re insane?

On to the HULK Roller Coaster! Refreshed by that, we tried a promising-looking ride, which turned out to be relaxing, which was not what it promised. 😛 At this point we passed a bookstore, or at least a store with books in the window. I was magnetically attracted inside. It turned out to be a comic book store, and I was the only female in the premises. To the point that the guy in Horn-rimmed glasses and pens in the breast pocket of his shirt edged away when I approached the hardcover rack he was drooling over. What can I say? Me in a bookstore is a fearsome sight! But Fraulein dragged me away, bah humbug, and we set off to ride two water rides.

After a brief stop for fries and pop we tramped over to THE LOST CONTINENT and rode Dueling Dragons. Both Dragons. I think I’m roller-coastered out. That was the last ride we wanted to do, so we headed for the hotel. And on my way out of the Park I was hit with a lovely plot bunny. *sigh* This is now the third full-scale novel sitting in the back of my head laughing at me. And what sparked this one? Radio head, the Mary Sue Litmus test, a boy with animplaned hearing aid (I’m not sure what they’re called,) and Heather Dale. I love being complicated. 😀

And now, some quotes of the day;

A greeter: “Move on in, move on it, everyone’s FRIENDLY at the Hulk!”

Fraulein, in Jurassic; “Oh, I just noticed; we’re in the front of the car.” *weakly* “yay.”

Jurassic rider 1: “I wasn’t scared.”
Jurassic rider 2: “You just yelled all your relative’s names.”

A comedian on the telly; “Mario, if you’re a plumber, how come you’re bashing open bricks with your head?”
“I’m-a looking for mushrooms!”


2 thoughts on “"You’ve been to HOW many theme parks this week?" "We start early."

  1. WOW you guys had way too much fun! Luckies!!! The Mummy Returns ride sounds awesome. I want it.Hahaha and I LOVED the quote with the two JP riders…classic!

  2. Yes, that was my favourite quote as well. I’m totally using that one. “You just yelled ALL your relatives’ names.” Dang, you’ve gotta go to more places like this! I’m getting lots of new quote material ^_^Everyone else I’ve talked to says Universal pwns too. And two parks in one day? You guys are awesome.

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