"Your brother is pretty cute." "Oh?" "Yeah. I’d marry him tomorrow."

After Seaworld we were doing a lot of traveling, and then I was back to work, so I wasn’t writing daily journals. Hence, this post brings me up to the present. 😀

The trip back was uneventful, barring a 45 minute taxi onto the runway in Toronto. No one was especially pleased about that, including the pilots. But we did get off the ground eventually, and arrived in St. John’s after midnight. I watched The Bank Job in-flight, which was a stressful movie. Not scary in the gut reaction sense, but I definitely spent a good portion of the movie with my hand over my mouth- mentally shouting at the characters. “GET OUT NOW! IT”S A TRAP! GAH!!!!” *cough* I still enjoyed it, mind! However, due to the fact that it was based on real events, it was a little different than most bank-bust flicks. This includes the death toll. For example, most movies focus on the robbery. In this one they were into the vault a half hour into the movie, and the rest was dealing with the significant outfall of the job. Very enjoyable. And thankfully I was tired enough to fall asleep with absolutely no repercussions! 😀

Next morning, we visited the Janeway, and got home in the afternoon. I picked up my schedule for McDonald’s and keys to the library that evening, and since then I haven’t been home much, unfortunately. I’m trying to cram 140 hours into 10 days, after which I will be done with my grant at the library! w00t!

And my title was an actual conversation between a co-worker and I. It was one of those moments which stretch the bonds of the surreal till they creak.
*thinks* “I really wish I had drunk that coffee this morning.”
*says* Nothing, while smiling weakly.
AND switching trains of thought completely, The Arrival by Shaun Tan, is a lovely book. It’s a graphic novel, so much so that there is no text- just incredibly detailed and incredibly beautiful drawings. Surreally thought provoking. For instance, I had never before thought about the challenge of a new alphabet on immigrating to a new place.

Oh, related to books, I had a how-is-your-job-going interview today at the library. Thankfully Lizzy woke me up a half hour before I was supposed to be at work; because I had turned off my alarm, tripped over a book, fallen into bed, and fallen back asleep an hour previous. Oops. But it was all good! And the interview seemed to go well! I even skated blithely past the dreaded “Career Goals” question. That’s just a trick question, see, when you don’t have normal Career Goals. “Travel, learn languages, and write” somehow doesn’t have quite the same cachet as saying that you plan to be a social worker. Funny, that. 😀 But my verbal skating was so successful that the interviewer said I was very well spoken! *preens* Fancy that!

Also, another grant-related worry was killed off. I was slightly nervous that the voucher, (which makes up the majority of my pay for this job,) would be limited to this fall. “Use it or lose it” on the part of the government. But it arrived today, and it’s good until May 2010! This leaves a little room for life to happen, which is always good.

And I just had a thought, yeah? (yesterday, really, but still.) It’s beautifully easy to get a work Visa for the EU. You just need a return ticket to home, or enough money for one, and you’re good to work. SO, next summer, maybe I can do summer work in the UK. Might even be able to convince some people to come with me, and we can split the rent on a flat. Eh?

One thought on “"Your brother is pretty cute." "Oh?" "Yeah. I’d marry him tomorrow."

  1. I really hope you told her that he’s not available…my brother’s pretty cute too, I get told that same thing. Just not that last bit 😛*puts the arrival and bank job on her lists*Unfortunately, no EU for me. I sold my soul for two years at least. Probably more than that to pay off the two years of servitude as well 😛 But I wish you the best of luck and those sound like wicked career goals! People just don’t know a good thing when they hear it.

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