It’s like sitting next to a can of soda! *pop!*

[NOTE: This post was written with no plan of attack, and is rather stream-of-conciousness. I lie; it is comepletely stream-of-conciousness. Read at your own risk.]

A discovery! Two Tetley tea bags in an average mug, allowed to steep for 15+ minutes, produces a drink which is so strong it actually feels like it’s etching the inside of your mouth. You can smell the caffeine.


I’m sure you’re all delighted to know that piece of information. Immeasurably enriched, I know. Or perhaps, un-etched? *ducks*

Due to all the work, this summer has gone VERY fast. I think because I haven’t had to plan out things to do, or look forward to them. I’ve only had to figure out at which place I was working, and at what hour I would transfer to the other job- every day. Does wonders for your time sense, that. 😀 But I see the light at the end of the tunnel! (No, I’m pretty sure that’s not a train. Pretty sure.)

However, I’m on the home stretch of the library Grant. The last week! w00t! I’ve only got 15 hours left, and then I’ll actually have free time! That is not to say that this job is not very self directed. I have had an incredible amount of leeway, and lack of official duties. This has led to a lot of time reading and on the computer. (It’s a hard life, working for the government.) However, come next week, I’ll be able to go on a walk for fun! And maybe even go into Gander for people watching, or shopping. *dances*

Interestingly, the substitute librarian seems to regard me as the first line IT person. Yesterday I fixed the Internet twice, and tried to fix someone’s laptop which wasn’t seeing the wi-fi. I was unable to heal it, though. However, he came back today in the hope that it had pulled its self together in the night, and I was able to ascertain that the antennae was not turned on. Makes a difference, that. The fact that it was a windows machine, however, drained off most of the fun of working with a computer. For one thing, I am NOT familiar with it. I have a basic understanding of Mac- enough that I can figure out when I need to call for help, and when it’s something that can be puzzled out. Windows, I have no clue. If it was a food product, I would be wearing protective apron, mask and gloves before touching it, and that with a long sharp stick. “Did it move? I think it just moved! Grab the colander! Trap it!”
*goes off into reverie about chasing deformed Widows-food around the kitchen*

Right. Also, I don’t really like Windows. The only joy it brings is the vengeful triumph of having bested an obtuse and malicious foe.

This was not intended to be a rant about Windows, so I will cut it off there before I bring out more absurd analogies.

I just looked at the calender, and I will be twenty in exactly a month. TWO DECADES. I still will not be legal to drink in the states, which puts it in perspective a bit, but Twenty! The mind boggles. Particularly so since I’m reading All Quiet On The Western Front right now. It’s about the Great War, from the view of a German Infantryman. (How much history does it say I’ve read that I can think of WWI as the Great War without trouble? :P) Anyhow, I was reminded again of the average age of the soldiers in that conflict; 19 year olds were veterans. It makes one feel rather old and ungainly in comparison. It also puts the frantic push to have a degree at age 23, “otherwise you’re wasting your life,” in a new light.

Life is so much more interesting when you think about what “everyone does” instead of just doing it! Compare, weigh the options, think about the causes, run the odds, ask questions… *sigh* Tis fun. 😀

In other news, my Grandmother has come to stay with us for the week, which is lovely. 😀 Also, I have an appointment with Ms. B for a “computer buying party” next week, where in I coach her through the perils of the Apple Store Online. 😉


One thought on “It’s like sitting next to a can of soda! *pop!*

  1. That’s the best tea. So strong that you can hardly drink it. Good stuff.Yay for people watching! I approve of that.I do NOT approve of Macs 😛 They’re icky. I love your food analogy, but I’d be more inclined to treat a Mac as an enemy who deserves no mercy. *runs Mac through, and watches hard hearted as it dies a bloody death*Oh! Oh! I think of it as the Great War! *is glad she’s read enough history, or at least historical fiction*And Twenty is OLD. Will you still be my friend when you’re twenty? *tears* November 6th, eh? I didn’t know that. Now I do. Three cheers for wasting lives! We have more fun ^_^

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