"That was just the highlight of my evening."


*maniacal laughter*


Well, except for next week’s ending party, but that hardly counts, now does it?

Yes, I have clocked in my hours at the library. It look a lot of time reading blogs, and watching Youtube, and, oh yes, working, but I put in the hours in the end. YAY! I almost don’t know what to do with myself! The same thing happened in April, after exam week was over. (No latin to study! What do I do with my time!) But I got over it pretty fast. 😀

I finished up on Thursday night, and then on Friday after work I walked up to the house of a friend of the family, for a BBQ. I got there early, (a beautiful luxury) so I sat on a rock and watched the wind for a while. I had forgotten how lovely it can be to do that- to watch the world go by. At the BBQ its self there was an age difference of approximately ten years on either side of me, but I got to listen to some rather interesting conversations. And the food was also very good.

THEN, (Oh yes, I’ve had a busy life lately. :P) I went to a concert! Ms. B had organized a christian concert as part of the town’s summer festival, the Mussel Bed Soiree. We missed the opening act, but I was just in time to see the tail end of the next set, which was a lone man on guitar, playing a sort of jazzy instrumental piece. My lack of musical knowledge becomes apparent in that description, but it was fun, and reminded me of what Daddy plays sometimes. (Daddy plays better though.)

Then Dan Bursey did a set. Regrettably, he was better than his band. I’ve heard the cd, and I could hear where the song was supposed to rock out, but the band wasn’t quite keeping up. He’s a youth pastor, and he recruited two guys from the youth group to play for him. They were good- but they were 16- and hadn’t, perhaps, practiced enough with a professional outfit? And they were Pentecostal! Think that doesn’t matter? Think again. Allright, I’m done making excuses for the band. 😀 But Dan was good. Create In Me was the best song. It’s available on Itunes! 🙂 And yes, the song is lovely because my Dad produced it, and gently eased Dan into making it rock. You should buy it. Here.

Next was the “headliner,” The Silent. They were very good. By that time much of the crowd had left, and those that were left were, how shall I say, not enthusiastic. You need a certain critical mass of people for a rock concert, and a rock band they certainly were, but the crowd was cold, tired, and small. Despite this, it was a very fun set. I think Fraulein was rather surprised that I did anything approaching rocking out though. 😀 It doesn’t go with my persona. And no, I wasn’t head-banging or anything, just dancing a little, but the rest of the crowd was so static that I might as well have lit myself on fire in enthusiasm. They were the last act, so afterwards we headed for home, stopping to buy a cd on the way out. And The Silent recognized me! They had stopped at McWork that morning and asked directions. I gave, and then when I asked for a cd, three-quarters of the band chimed up “Hey, it’s McDonalds!” *shy* I feel famous.

Then we went home, and I slept for 13 hours. It was lovely. And before you get all het up about it, let me inform you that I’ve been attempting to run on 6 or so for the past three weeks. And I function to full capacity on 9 hours. So it was just a leetle time grab to regrow some vital portions of my brain.

By the by, Mommy and Daddy’s 25th anniversary happened when we were in Florida. Due to the hectic schedule, we didn’t really do anything on the actual day. They went out for dessert, I mean, but us children did nothing to mark the day. Grammy and Fraulein aimed to remedy that. Therefore, they headed out to the grocery story on Friday morning. They bought an Oreo cake, and three rolls of tinfoil. Then on Friday after lunch, while the parents were safely down in the studio, with Grammy making sure that they didn’t come upstairs too soon, Fraulein and I set the table and wrapped the small ones in tinfoil. It was the silver anniversary, see? *grins* Regrettably, by the time they got to me there wasn’t a great deal of foil left, so I just fashioned a necklace. I know, spoil sport I am. 

Then it was off to work, which was unremarkable, except for two things. 

  1. One, I had my first honest-to-goodness drunk customer. It was a passenger who was ordering, and he was OUT of it. However, the whole car was, *cough* not in their right minds. The other passengers were hard-core swearing at me for not double-cupping the cokes, and then for giving them extra cups. Whereas the guy who was ordering referred to me as “princess,” tried to pay for a thirty dollar order with a twenty dollar bill, and demanded a kiss from the manager. Charming. However, I suppose he could have demanded a kiss from me, whereupon I would have been forced to brain him with the debit machine. Small mercies. 😛 
  2. Two in the list of mildly remarkable things; why on earth do passengers insist on ordering in the drive-thru? Then half of them have the audacity to complain that they couldn’t hear me. They can’t hear me. I’m so sorry for you. Do you think I can hear YOU perfectly, and I’m just whispering to annoy you? Do you think I enjoy tormenting you? Good grief, do you think I get any sort of pleasure out of talking to you? On the contrary, I get pleasure out of seeing your tail lights leaving the parking lot. I AM NOT TRYING TO MAKE YOUR LIFE HARDER. Next time, to keep everyone’s stress to a minimum, why don’t you just get your driver to relay your order? Yes, MEN, I’m talking to YOU. Just relay your gf/wife’s order, and we can cut your wait time in half. It’s been proven! And don’t even get me started on men who have their wives order for them. Talk about spineless. *deep breath* 😀 I had to bottle up that rant last night. 😛 But I’m good now!

This morning four of my siblings left for Camp Delight, which is “a camp for children whose lives have been affected by pediatric cancer.” With PT living in St. John’s, and the Walrus at Cadet Camp, the house is very empty. Only four children! The remainder of the house is going on a drive this afternoon with Grammy, which should be fun.


3 thoughts on “"That was just the highlight of my evening."

  1. Congratulations on being famous! Lucky! 😉The tin foil thing made me laugh way to much…the mental pictures are priceless.I TOTALLY agree about the drive-thru silliness!!! Like seriously, everyone just tell your driver what you want. Do it. Now.

  2. I am so glad that we tell the driver what we want. I would otherwise be very ashamed. As it is, I am not. Tinfoil is awesome and shiny! Were they just thrilled with all their glittering children? I cannot buy things online, sadly. That’s my excuse.“Drunks are so cute.” Congratulations, princess *grins* It sounds a little like my family get-togethers 😛

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