"Canadians and your obsession with Britain…" "Well, Americans and your obsession with- YOURSELVES!"

As you might have noticed, I did some research into Post-Secondary Distance Education this morning. It was not a stellar success. But I shall draw a veil over that, and continue on. 

The drive on Sunday was fun. We went out to K and C’s cabin, and threw rocks and such. 😀 Then Grammy left for her home in Colorado on Monday while I was at work. That was a rather interesting work day, since I was the most senior non-management person on shift for much of it. In two weeks, I’ll be the most senior non-management person on staff, period. I started in MAY. Talk about a high staff turnover rate! 
Side note; I watched The Queen last night, which was good. Very quiet and fun, though there were some scenes obviously put in for American audiences. Just things which don’t need saying in Britain, or even much of the Commonwealth, such as the fact that the Queen was a mechanic during the War. I think my favorite scene had to be when it was being explained to the Queen Mother that they were going to use the funeral-plan code named Tay Bridge for Diana’s funeral. 
“But that’s my funeral!”
“Yes ma’am. But it is the only one that has been, *pauses* rehearsed. It is the only one we could have ready in time.” *awkward pause*
Hmmm, I thought I had a bunch of news to talk about, but I have forgotten it. No wait! It comes back to me now. 
Today I stopped by the bank, and I’m back on the list for a possible job. They’ll call me on Friday or Monday. Fingers crossed, eh? I also this evening went over to Ms. B’s house, and helped her to buy a school computer. Hers had died, and her dad wanted to buy a $400 toshiba. I said NOOOOOOOO!!!!! Only, I actually put on my professional demeanor and explained, “that will break in three months, and cause you to tear out your hair in pain and frustration when it’s not broken.” Then I waxed slightly poetic on the virtues of Macs, and the crisis was averted. This is where being able to keep a straight face wins the day! Augustine, you come in useful yet again… So, we bought, with her dad’s money, a shiny new MacBook. 
*is gleeful*
Moreover, she wants to show me how to get around in Mac. This MEANS that I get to play around with a brand new computer in two weeks or so. No, I’m not looking forward to it at all. /lies 😀 Maybe I’ll get to name it too.
And now my memory is shutting down, so I can truly no longer think of anything to write. Must go to bed now….

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