"Something’s fishy here. Do you smell anthrax?"

I was just going to write “I am officially done with the library,” but I realized that I still have to drop of my key and pick up the tea pots. So it still lingers in the queue of my responsibilities. But I’m almost done! I tell you, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! It’s blinding, the light is! *nods*

The ending party went well, I think. Nine kids showed up, and given the fact that my family was missing, that was a good turnout. It’s true! My family skews attendance numbers both ways! It’s nice to have power… *cough* But we had a cake, and hot chocolate and juice served from teapots, and I read Alice. That was a stomach roiling moment, I will admit. When the oldest attendee is 6, the humor in the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party tends to be missed. *cringes* But they were all good and sat quietly, and then we decorated tea cups, and it was agreed to be a good evening. Now that it’s over, of course, I’m boiling over with ideas of how to improve the program next year, up to and including dragging children off the streets. Not that I would do that, no. *shakes head* I’m not fanatical at all.
After clean up, Ms. B, who was helping out, stared at me for a couple of minutes. I said, “yes?” She said, “Are you doing anything this evening?” I said, “I have some cleaning to do, and I’m taking the teapots home-” She said, “No, you’re coming to a youth group movie night. You’re going to take part in a social activity, if you like it or not.”
So I went and watched a movie.
It was fun, and there was pizza, of which I ate much too much. The movie was Evan Almighty, which was chosen chiefly because it was clean. It lived up to that qualification, and furnished a few funny moments in addition to a lack of socially objectionable material. The theology, however, is probably best left untouched. Really, don’t look to hard. I told you- oh well. 
When the guys went off to get the pizza the girls were left in the house to talk drama. And they did. I listened, of course. For a passel of 16 year olds, they sure manage to cram a lot of double-dealing and otherwise hazardous behavior into life. I mean, golly! I think I was the oldest person in the room, and those kids are way ahead of me. We’ll leave that subject alone, yes. 
After the movie night finished up Ms B and I went for a walk to discuss theology, and the walking tragedies many of her friends have made of themselves. It is very sad how easily people can justify their actions, and then it just grows until they don’t even need to justify themselves. They just do whatever they want. 
On another note, I have the house to myself this weekend, as the family is away at Camp Delight. The remaining non-campers have gone in for Family Day. Hmmm, the house to myself. Maybe I should shave my head?

2 thoughts on “"Something’s fishy here. Do you smell anthrax?"

  1. How about not. No shaving heads. It’s not conducive to our eudamonia. Hooray for pizza and drama talks! They just like to think they’re ahead of you, darling. In actuality, they are reverting back to primitive ways. Trust me. I’m an expert ^_^I love the tea party. And they all behaved? Yes! Kid-wrangling skills win the day yet again! I read Alice to me sister about a year ago, but for some reason we never finished the Looking Glass. Oh yeah, because I went to school. I remember now. I should really fix that.

  2. Congrats on basically-being-done-but-not-technically at the library!! 😀 The ending party sounds great.Hahahaha Evan Almighty…that’s funny. That whole situation amuses me, actually. 😀 I’m glad you kept your wonderful attitude.

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