Things I’ve learned from Dr. Who

I wrote this up a while ago, and found it today. Enjoy, or not, as you’re so inclined.

The monster is on the ceiling. Seriously, look up.
Most of the time, guns aren’t any use. In fact, you’re better off with a banana.
On the subject of bananas, always bring one to a party.
Two words- Sonic Screwdriver.
Don’t trust the harmless people.
Don’t trust the smart people.
Don’t trust the people who look very familiar.
In fact, if you want to live, don’t trust anyone except your companion.
And being a bit skeptical of your companion helps too. Especially when they start dropping perfume down their shirts.
When medical services go haywire is when things really get nasty.
Children are scary.
You’re never REALLY alone, are you?
Angels are bad news. Really bad.
When you can’t see the danger is probably right when you’re going to die.
To be afraid of the dark is to be smart.
Believe the things you see out of the corner of your eyes. NOW you’re scared, aren’t you?


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