"Never underestimate the money to be made from good quality drug dealing."

Wow, I haven’t blogged in quite a while. It is not for lack of things to talk about, strangely enough, or even lack of interest, but my computer time has been rather full of late. Right. Anyhow!

On Saturday we had a biker gang descend on our house for lunch. The “gang” was comprised of retired police officers and their significant others, one of whom is a nurse of Gideon’s. So we served them chili and chatted. My title is the career advice one of them gave me. This particular man was also the lead tenor of the Nova Scotia Black Gospel Choir, despite the fact that he’s white. It was a fun lunch hour, for sure. Then I went and worked from 4:30 pm to 2:00 am, which was not quite so fun, but now I’m 80 dollars richer. Wah-hoo! By the by, what would you do if you answered the drive-through beep and was answered with “You’re sexy- we love you!” and lots of feminine teenage giggling; but when the car gets to the speaker 
the only inhabitants of the car are three 20-something guys? I put on my most queenly aspect for about an hour and smiled benevolently at my subjects. 
Sunday I went over to Ms. B’s house and played with her computer again. T’was fun. I realized belated at one point that had I actually said, “I love the sound of hard drives spinning up.” How do you even recover from a remark like that? I just had a coughing fit. Seemed to work. However, she has realized that mac software is really easy to use, so she probably won’t need me to set up things any more. Bah. 
At any rate, Ms. B had some friends coming over, so while we were waiting from them to trail in we watched X-men 2. It was a very fun movie- the special effects in particular were brilliant- but I think watching the first one might have helped my comprehension factor. Once everyone, (two other girls), were there, the debate began as to what we were going to do. After brief discussion it was decided to go to a bar in a town an hour away once three of Ms. B’s guy friends arrived from St. John’s. I said something about how I didn’t want to go out of town tonight, so it was all good. We would hang out until the guys showed up. 
This is where Photobooth is opened up and silly pictures are taken. 
While waiting I chatted with a friend of Ms. B’s little brother, who was going in for an interview on Monday at McDonald’s. I said- jokingly- that he just had to be sure not to curse out the interviewer and he was good for the job. Whereupon he, with a swiftly disapproving visage, replied that as he was going to be a Salvation Army Officer he’d better not be swearing! *blinks* All the sudden I was painted as the bad girl. It was a new feeling, for sure. 
THEN, we went out for ice cream and stopped to wait for the guys at the train park, me a little subdued. Since I was feeling subdued, I climbed onto the top of the train. What, you mean you don’t climb things when you’re unusually contained inside yourself? Strange. But the other girls followed my lead, and soon we were all over the train. When the guys showed up we had traversed the entire contraption and were sitting down; whereupon in a blatant bid to impress the girls, the muscly guys started hauling themselves around the engine. Rather more clumsily than we had done, I will point out. Silly boys. 
Brief conferences are held, and as some of the crowd now doesn’t want to drive an hour to the bar, swimming is decided upon as the evening entertainment. I’m asked if I want to come. Hmmm. There are three guys, and three girls other girls- all of whom are trendily dressed. (I’m not.) No one has swimming gear. It is after nine, and dark out. It’s cold. Skinny-dipping is mentioned. Hmmmmm. I remember that I think I have to work in the morning. So I’m brought home, where it is pointed out that it is after nine, I left at two, and I haven’t called home. Oops. It seems this social life thing is hazardous in more ways than one!
Monday was work, and Fraulein and I watched Take The Lead, which is a fun movie provided that the characters or lack thereof are not though about too much. Tuesday was work, and I made a slideshow of pictures from Universal Studios, to show to the Wish people in town. Wednesday was work, and showing the pictures to and talking with the Wish people.
I had my first encounter with instant coffee, and am much wiser for the experience. 
  • Canned milk in coffee- good. 
  • Powdered milk in coffee- acceptable provided one does not look at it. 
  • Fresh milk in powdered coffee- like nothing else around. 
The film on top tastes like it is actively corroding the lining of one’s mouth. The liquid in the middle is so bitter it induces involuntary imitation of a pretzel. The sludge of the dregs at the bottom has to be tossed down the throat with one’s eyes closed. The eyes are closed, you see, to manually restrain them from vacating one’s head. And why I found my hands on my throat in the aftermath of that experience, I cannot tell. 

3 thoughts on “"Never underestimate the money to be made from good quality drug dealing."

  1. hahaha the experience at McDonald’s with the 3 guys is hilarious. I’m not sure if I want to figure out that situation.I’m really confused about this Ms. B person. Just who IS she, and how old is she??? I thought she was like older, but now I’m thinking not? *confusion*X-Men 2 is jolly. I watched X-Men 3 again the other night at Katie’s, but I can’t decide which one I like best. Hmm…Social life is hazardous. O.o Very, very hazardous.Take The Lead, I like. But I think I have a slightly disturbing crush on Dante Basco, soooo yeah.

  2. Ms. B is my age, and is going back to MUN on the weekend, so we’re hanging out before she leaves. We met at a restaurant when we were both sixteen, and I was the dishwasher and she was the waitress. We would walk home together and talk about how we would defend ourselves if we were attacked. What else are you gonna do at age 16 on a 45 minute walk?

  3. Wah! Xmen is stalking me lately. it’s Rose’s flavour of the week too. I too shall not touch that situaysh. I’m thinking I’d have to settle for the derisive and condescending, yet still pretending to be civil, smile. I love your biker gang too! They sound awesome. And it’s so true, such true advice…Embrace being the “bad girl” now and then. It’s a great look sometimes. And a lot of fun. Just so long as we keep those quotation marks around the “bad girl”, we’ll be okay. Hooray for train climbing, and booh to skinny dipping. It’s overrated. Trust me.Your description of it almost makes me want to try that. Srysly. THat’s the closest anyone’s ever come to getting me to drink coffee. Something about “actively corroding the lining of one’s mouth” appeals to me…

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