The universe just loves proving me wrong.

I previously looked for classes to take by distance, and didn’t find any I liked. I became quite vocal on this subject, in fact, in several different media. 

Now I’ve begun looking at the courses available at Athabasca. So far, I have 16 3-credit courses marked off that look interesting. 
So much for not finding anything I liked.
Moreover, I have carefully NOT been marking off those ones which look fascinating since they are so far from what I believe. (I’m thinking of women’s studies and environmentalism specifically as being weirdly alluring. Eco-feminism doubly so. 😛 jk jk…) 

And I haven’t even hit History, English or Computer Science yet. Hmmm….

EDIT: Final count is 35 interesting courses. They are scattered liberally across Computer Science, Economics, English, Geography, Global Studies, History, Political Studies and Sociology. Therefore, nothing points to a major. In addition, my grant from the library will only cover 2 courses, as they are $715 each.
I seem to have an issue. 

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