"He said the Moon told him to go."

Fraulein and I have had a movie watching weekend. We just finished August Rush, and last night watched The Bourne Identity. Both movies, I shall say, were excellent, though in very different ways. Last night was all about clutching each other’s hands, for the watchers, and flinching madly. Tonight was all about shouting at the screen. “Get out of the Taxi!” Run!” “Look around!” and such. *cough* T’was fun.

Yesterday was a day to get plastered. *grins* I mean, to get covered in plaster in the course of finishing a room. *grins wider* I did know what I was saying when I wrote that line. However, I yesterday wrote that I “had been quite plastered, but now I’m clean,” on Facebook, and didn’t realize the double meaning of that statement for another two hours. Oops. 
I seem to have caught a touch of the flu, which contributes heavily to a sense of living in an alternate reality. Everything is slightly strange, and I’m never quite sure about the proportions of my body at any given moment. I probably sound quite deranged. But haven’t you ever had that? When if you shut off your vision, your head feels abnormally large, and certain other parts of your body (hands and shoulder blades, right now) seem similarly bulky in importance while other diminish into invisibility? Or maybe I’m just going mad? *is cheery*
jk jk, I just need to go to bed. So that is what I’m doing. Guten tag!

4 thoughts on “"He said the Moon told him to go."

  1. Yeah, even when you don’t think you know what you’re saying, subconsciously you’re snickering about it. I love both those movies so much. Isn’t the music awesome? Oh, and also, don’t you love that assassin guy he talks to in the field? I liked him. Even if he killed the dog.

  2. I did like the assassin guy in the field. I however, can’t say the same for the other two assassins we see. Shooting old ladies and people on the street? not cool. Oh! so that’s what a Silenced gun sounds like! It works! <>Delayed reaction<>

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