I’ve lost my lotus tile…

For the last few days the magnetic attraction usually exercised by any computer towards me has been strangely lacking. So if you’re used to my stalking you, and you’ve felt neglected, I’m sorry. I truly did think of you while I was offline. Honestly. 

Any why have I been largely absent? Because the mail system hates me. It’s a true story. We ordered my computer last sunday, whereupon the order was shipped in pieces from California to Memphis. *cheers* It’s moving towards me! It’s coming! It knows its rightful place! (see lovely map of joy)
(Oh, and Daddy paid extra for expedited shipping. The kind which promises it will get here within 1 to 3 days. Anyways…) From Memphis it was shipped to Calgary. That’s, west. It’s moving west. WEST!!!!!! I LIVE IN THE EAST!!!!! (see angsty map of pain)

Then, finally it moved east again, as is only fitting and right and proper and just.

However, in the time wasted gallivanting around in Calgary, my parcels got separated. On friday, one of them arrived. The one with my software. But my hardware is still desolate, out in the cold somewhere, unable to be used. I’m not saying my software is not wonderfully shiny and generally a thing of beauty and a joy forever, but it is bereft of its purpose. It cannot be used in the manner for which it was created. It is not able to flourish. It’s not happy
As a result my craving for cyberspace has fallen off somewhat.

3 thoughts on “I’ve lost my lotus tile…

  1. Even if the packages continued to travel west the would eventually get to you. That is one of the marvels about living on a round world 😛And I did miss your stalkings. I felt…unwatched while you where away.

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