And far away is just somewhere you’ve never been…

Yes yes, I know I haven’t been writing lately. That is for a rather simply reason.

Nothing of note has happened. And as riveting as my normal life of work, sleep, chores, walks and computer stuff is- it tends to get old after extensive description. 
I did have one minor epiphany though. I was talking to a friend about apathy, and then started thinking about how pervasive it is. People, especially in my generation, just don’t care. We have little to no motivation to seek anything other than our own pleasure. So anything other than that which will make my life more fun NOW is somehow seen as silly. 
I think that is yet another symptom of Post-modernism. If there is no truth, there is no thing beyond one’s self to become passionate about. No honour, no duty, no faith, no hope. It’s the ultimate excuse for selfishness. Not only does nothing have eternal consequences, since nothing is either “right” or “wrong,” the only way it can be evaluated is in how it effects one personally. Thereby, there really is no reason to care about all that stuff out there which is not obviously shaping one’s life for the better or the worse. “Better” and “worse” being highly subjective terms. 😀
This is the kind of thing which seems highly profound when you’re wiping off tables at work. Of course, it was already probably covered in the PoMo lecture and my brain was just quivering like jelly from upcoming exams. This is where all my profound thoughts come from…

One thought on “And far away is just somewhere you’ve never been…

  1. Yeahhh apathy seems to be something we all have to fight against. And it’s hard to fight against something as passive-aggressive as not doing anything.On another note, I love your quote of the moment.

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