"There is nothing wrong with a life of peace and prosperity!"

I got onto the system today! And my brain exploded. 

Yeah, I’ve had a headache since about Noon. This is due to doing nine courses that are supposed to take an average of an hour each, in five and a half hours. Which is what happens when you read fast and have worked in customer service before. But I did learn some interesting things. Did you know, to be eligible for Private Wealth Management, you have to have over a million dollars under the care of CIBC? I was pretty impressed. (and here I had a minor rant about things, and then realized that I was probably contravening the privacy policy I just agreed to today. Hmmmm)
Although, the one guy who didn’t look at me for the past two days? The Only Guy, (OG), in the office? I walked in today in a grey shirt, and was invisible. Then I changed to a pink shirt, as per branch policy for the day, and he suddenly perked up, said hello, and waved at me. Now, the first time I walked right past OG’s line of vision, and everybody else said hi to me, and he said hi to everyone else, so it wasn’t that I was sneaking in or that he was occupied. Maybe he doesn’t acknowledge girls who don’t wear pastels. 
A mystery…
Tomorrow is work at McWork. In fact, I’m working at either McWork or the Bank every day through Thursday. Then on Friday, I’m working at both. 😛 More power to me!

2 thoughts on “"There is nothing wrong with a life of peace and prosperity!"

  1. OG is about thirty, and is not cute. He wears glasses that are subtly too small, making his face look pudgy. He has his hair cut subtly too short, making him look old. And he wears clothes of subtly the wrong shade, making him look unhealthy. I’m just trying to pay attention to guys, since they’re so weird/incomprehensible/dumb. Hence the mention. 😛

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