A moment in time

I’m hoping if I write it up I can get this memory out of the front of my head.

I’ve just had a headache for the past four days in varrying degrees, and am tired enough to get my mind stuck on repeat. Prolly bes’ ta ignore. 😛

He’s four years old with close cropped bed head, perched on the edge of the counter. A cup of tea, (mainly milk), and his Mater socks are points of special pride this morning. "We need to have muffins, um, I then I can lick the bowl and the spoon."

Mommy’s washing mugs left overnight and silverware. (There’s never enough clean. The spoons have probably been commandeered and are out in the sandbox again.) "Do you want muffins, or do you just want to lick the bowl?"

"And the spoon!" The tea is held with concentrated care while he deliberately swings his feet. Ba-dump. Ba-dump.

"But we had muffins yesterday. Why don’t I make biscuits instead, and you can have them with butter?"

He isn’t convinced, though the rhythm of those feet against the cupboard doesn’t falter.

"Cheese biscuits?" She’s putting on the vital pre-breakfast coffee. I watch with a grin, admittedly partly motivated by the prospect of caffeine.

He shakes his head emphatically. " Um, I need to lick the bowl and the spoon."

"Muffins. Hmmm." The recipe book is pulled out and put together.

Just a normal morning, and then his breathing hits a different pattern. It’s a nasty hacking cough. The sort of thing which makes your own throat feel scratchy in sympathy. He takes a drink of tea, and the inhale/exhale goes back to normal. He resumes kicking his heels against the cupboard.

Mommy’s found a recipe for Lemon Poppyseed muffins. She doesn’t look up. "Maybe we should get you some of that new cough medicine. Though it does make you sleepy, so maybe we should wait." This point is pondered.

"The new cough medicine? The one that is called, um, Cody?" He takes another gulp of tea.

"That’s the one."

Little brother runs by with a truck, and muffins and cough medicine are both forgotten.

But not by the adults who have been witness and participant, respectively, to the exchange. The Muffins are made, and while they are being baked a dose of Codeine is measured out to try and calm the coughing.

It works for a while.


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