The remedy is inexperience.

The sleepover was fun, in a “prepare for the worst” type of way. Seeing as I had no expectations of fitting in or being included, I was able to move right past the unbroken social ice and enjoy the chocolate fondue. But for the other girls, who are used to being more comfortable in social situations, it was really awkward. 

But we had fondue, and made jewelry, and went on a walk to see horses and peacocks. Regrettably, the girls, (age 15 – 17) weren’t interested in a night walk, but it was lovely and crisp in the morning. 
The fondue was just amusing all around. The majority of the girls didn’t know you could make any kind of fondue other than chocolate, and once the cheese and broth were presented several of them turned out to be anti-green pepper or just anti-vegetable. One of the girls even thought that chicken was poisonous. I kid you not, she thought it was dangerous to touch. You’ve got to wonder.. So that was pretty much what I expected. But I was pleasantly surprised about their willingness to participate in crafts and try mushrooms in cheese fondue and such.:D Of course, Fraulein was awesome, as she always is, so she mustn’t think these comments apply to her. A WHOLE other maturity level there. 😛 Granted, she DID make us turn around and go back home to pick up her permission slip, but that doesn’t even count. 
Looking back, I see that I’ve been unusually able this weekend to just sit back and laugh tolerantly at things which would usually raise my blood pressure. For instance, the fact that I was recruited as a “leader” but the lady running the show kept calling on her 15 year-old daughter instead and leaving me stuck at the table. I just grinned wider and made a set of earrings. 
Then tonight was my first time watching the new season of the Amazing Race, which was oodles of fun. (I was working last Sunday night, ‘member?) One thing stuck in my mind, however. If they were speaking anything other than English, all the teams spoke in Spanish. Directing their taxi drivers in Spanish and such. The only issue was that, this was their second leg in Brazil. Anyone else see any discrepancy there? Anyone??

2 thoughts on “The remedy is inexperience.

  1. Fondue! Chocolate is good, but cheese and broth? Wow, I don’t even know if I’d choose chocolate over a broth one right now. I haven’t had a fondue night for ages…I should remedy that.They ALWAYS speak Spanish. They’re funny.Sounds like a fine time was had by all. And GJ for being tolerant! It’s good for the blood pressure.

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