“Let there be light.”

And the Section Chief fired three rounds of illumination and there was light!
EDIT: This is something my dad said, just as an aside while walking through the room. And I chortled manically into my computer and wrote it down. 😛 This is also why I am delighted at being able to write actual military guys this Nov. I am also terrified, since I think I’ll flub it, but I love the humour. *is gleeful*


3 thoughts on “*giggles*

  1. Swearing? Me??? I’m sure I have no idea what you’re talking about.Actually, I think I’ll settle for making up profanity. Since I’ve already spent a day making up bad words. <>That<> was a fun day. 😛 I only came up with four words, but I figure I can always rely on asking Kendra, and then corrupting the words as per lingual shift. 😛 MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA *cough*

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