"Who are "They" and why are they putting stuff in my shoes?"

Yesterday seemed to go by really fast. In fact, any time that I’m not at work has been seeming to whoosh by me. I think my time sense is broken. Oh wait…

Our laundry machines have been taken out of commission, so after the mountain of used clothing threatened to fill the kitchen we decided that it was time to take desperate measures. Slonner and I were therefore yesterday dispatched to take possession of the laundromat. Our departure was delayed by the fact that the small ones had taken the laces out of my shoes. They had then tied themselves to the wall with them, as “they were in space and the lines were to make sure they didn’t float away.” But we got away eventually. 
We ended up spending three and a half hours in the Laundromat. And for most of that time we had the place to ourselves. And we filled it. Just to show you a glimpse of the enormity of the task that is laundry in our house; at one point we had five washers and seven dryers running. At the same time. It took two car loads just to get all the laundry up to the Laundromat in the first place. So Slonner and I suspended our time senses and stuffed machines. It was fun. 😀
In the evening, Fraulein and I watched Enemy Of The State. I like that movie. *grins* It has sufficient conspiracy to please me, and that is saying something. I need to go through it to collect quotes. 
Oh, and at 10:30 I found out that a paper I said I would write for fun was due tomorrow. That is, before I go to sleep. *stares blankly at the screen, and then swallows hard* I really wish I had actually thought about the subject I said I’d write on… Yeah, I jury-rigged a paper, of sorts. It’s held together with finishing nails and hope, and has gaps in the logic you could drive trucks through. There is no continuity from paragraph to paragraph, and it ends with a half-page quote which has nothing to do with anything. So just like all my papers, right? 😀 No. This one is really REALLY bad. I’m not showing it to anyone. If I had planned to share it around, I would have done a preliminary sweep for logic. 
It was fun, in a hard, Oh-my-word-my-brain-has-atrophied-when-I-wasn’t-looking, WHERE ARE MY QUOTES AND CAN I QUOTE A NOVEL, Why? Just why? Sleep is looking awfully good right now, sort of way. Maybe I’ll do another one and actually spend some awake time on it. *laughs merrily*
Oh. I’d better get to work. Ciao!

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