"Did I mention I know almost everything about almost everything?"

I’m been such a sporadic blogger of late. I think that is because I have no time sense. It’s true. There is an event, and another event, and they float disconnected in a sea of rushed images and words. I navigate by landmarks of memory, phrases and scenes that stick in my memory. This is especially odd, since I have a good memory, but if you ask me how long a thing has taken or will take, the odds are pretty good I will have no clue. The only way I know is if I work the math and count back from a number I have, whether that is a time or a date. Of course, this may be how everyone works. 😀 

Well, I went for a lovely long walk on Saturday. 11.7 km, in fact. My legs were about to seize up when I got home. But I did get some very nice pictures, which I will post sometime in the future. Oh, and PT may be bringing his Girl Friend home for Christmas, which should be fun! 
I see another reason I didn’t post. A signal lack of things to talk about. 😀 
But I did make pork barbecue in the slow cooker, which was a success. Also, we’re going to have a working shower tomorrow evening at five pm. For the first time in three weeks. 

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