"Do you guys know about chocolate? You don’t? Oh man, this is gonna be huge!"

Today in the bank a little old lady asked me if my father was home from the war yet. It’s a little hard to respond to questions like that. Especially since the look in her eyes hinted strongly that she would rant against Herr Hitler and his band of wicked men on only slight prompting. So I just smiled and said he wasn’t in the military any more. And she smiled and nodded without comprehension and hobbled away. 

Since the Old Age Pensions came out yesterday we’ve been very busy at the bank. I got to buy some American Cash, and open a safe deposit box, and cash many many cheques. Yesterday I cleared over one hundred thousand dollars worth ($100,000.00) of cheques. But no, there’s no money in this economy at all. 
And today I had a monumentous realization! I figured out why I’ve been so tired lately! I haven’t been eating. Somehow you’d think I’d have figured out by now how to avoid that, but not I! It only takes two days of eating badly for my appetite to go away, and then the brakes are off until I start seeing physical symptoms. And put two and two together to get four. *sighs* It’s since I’m working over lunch hour all the time, I’ve just been skipping that meal. Then it was really hard to get up in the morning, I was so tired, so I wasn’t really eating breakfast. Finally, realization dawns today. 😀 I wasn’t loosing weight this time or anything, so it’s all good. And I AM getting up for breakfast tomorrow. And I’m bringing a lunch to work. *is firm* That’s what I’m doing. 
The Brownie Halloween party was on Tuesday, so we got dressed up for that. Fraulein went as a marvelous Mime, and I, in a brilliant show of bluffing, dressed myself up in a blue satin thing that someone had given the family and called myself the Queen of the Night. Really, if you act as though you know what you’re doing, most people won’t question you. 😀

One thought on “"Do you guys know about chocolate? You don’t? Oh man, this is gonna be huge!"

  1. *looks at title* Isn’t Ford huggable? I WUV him! Ack! What horrible scandalous Queen of the Night things are you planting in the heads of those poor Brownies!? After seeing how DROP DEAD GORGEOUS you were, they’re all gonna want to grow up and be Queens of the night. And that’s not good. Trust me. They’d be competition that would have to be removed, which could get messy. “You gotta eat your spinach, Baby.” ^_^ Make sure you eat mroe than I do, okay? Okay. *blissful in the realization that she herself only eats dinner on school days*

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