"I hate being drunk before lunch."

So, I was in the city for the staff end-of-fiscal year party yesterday, and I didn’t get too much written. Like, 500 words? 

I”M SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *weeps* *Thinks about what she’s done* *weeps more*
So now I am very tired, with a bit of a headache, (not a hangover. 😛 I have seen the difference.) And I have a lot of words to grab back. *runs after the fleeing words*
But in other news; guess who managed to get her hands on a hardcover copy of Order 66, and Firefly on DVD? Yeah… it really isn’t safe to let me into bookstores unattended. And what is it with computer stores only selling games for Wii, Playstation, xbox, PS2 or Windows? We come in other stripes you know! Accept the rainbow! Embrace the diversity! *cough*
I’ll go wait for the bus now. 

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