"Why should I do anything you tell me?" "Oh, I can be persuasive."

Oh my word, sore hands. *cries over them* Typing 5,865 words in a day will do that to a body. 

Yep, my word count is now 35,865 words, which is less than 1k off target. And speaking of targets, I may as well officially acknowledge that my target is not 50,000. It’s 100,000. This did not come about intentionally, as I did not intend to have such an ungainly story that I have only hit the plot today. But since it is huge, and probably will not even be finished within 100,00, in the interests of finishing the story I’m being insane. 
Yes, the line between madness and genius is so thin somethings, isn’t it? *thinks* Pretty tricky, that. 
The problem with writing these posts at night is that my brain usually surrendered about an hour before I start in on Blogger. I believe I mentioned this before. But I got to beat up Kael and Haggerty, again, and do a flashback of Kael’s which makes me happy. And I also got to get rid of Jennet’s useless friends, which means that the cool people, the smart and arrogant ones, not just arrogant, are showing up really soon. Oh, and I knocked Neph unconscious, but he’s used to that. 
In other incoherent news, here is the soundtrack I was listening to to prepare for nano. Now it changes daily, but still. The names in brackets are if the song is specifically for a certain person, other wise it’s just the whole universe.

  • Hide and Seek, Imogen Heap (Jennet)
  • Ill-M-I, Tobymac (all the 57th EF)
  • Get Me Through December, Allison Krauss and Natalie McMaster
  • Ironic, Alanis Morissette
  • Into the Ocean, Blue October (Jole (to the max))
  • To America We Go, Ashley McIssac, (Etna)
  • Move Along, All-American Rejects
  • Hurt, Johnny Cash (Kael)
  • Blow Me Away, Breaking Benjamin (Haggerty)
  • Love Song, Sara Bareilles
  • Anywhere Is, Enya
  • Adrenaline, Gavin Rossdale
And yes, I stole alot of this from Bahnree, but I steal most of what I DO from her. So there. 

5 thoughts on “"Why should I do anything you tell me?" "Oh, I can be persuasive."

  1. That’s pretty awesome. Good songs. And good times abusing characters too, I see. “but he’s used to that.” HAH! Classic.I suspected that was what you were up to. I’m cheering you all the way!! I know you can reach that 100 K!

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