"I’m going to set someone on fire." "It’s nice to have these small goals."


That was earlier. Then I also managed to get the rest of my words done, and am presently at 50,077. I am also starting to be rather concerned about my novel. Hitting the high points, there is a character who likes to walk around with as little clothing as possible, another who is a cross-dressing emo angsty suicidal homicidal maniac, a guy who acts gay- though he likes girls, a guy with two girl friends, an entire posse of girls which includes a druggie, a girl who thinks she’s a guy, and a girl with what is probably PTSD. Oh, and a guy who has a bad habit of hacking into girl’s minds. At this point my group of severely traumatized clones is the most stable ones of the whole crew. And I have a very thin thread of a plot.

Huh, and put like that, it sounds like a weird story.:D

I think when I do the edit I’m going to divide up Kael’s story and Jennet’s. They are connected, but only faintly. And trying to juggle them both, which I what I”m doing now, isn’t really working. Not only do you have to balance two stories, but it takes forever for anything to happen. SO much time, in fact, that I’m just going to cut out a bunch of stuff I had blocked in, and put it in flashbacks if necessary. Seriously, who wants to wait 50,000 words for anything big to happen? NO ONE. Though I did have fire, and drugs, and lots of fights. 😀

We’ll see.


2 thoughts on “"I’m going to set someone on fire." "It’s nice to have these small goals."

  1. I can’t even talk about how excited I am to read your madness. 😀That’s interesting, though, what you said about Jennet and Kael’s stories making it so hard to get anywhere. I think that’s why I’m at 25k and haven’t gotten anywhere: I have Alice/Chad, Dane/Marly, and Will, who sometimes is with Alice/Chad and sometimes not. It certainly drags down the action. I guess it would have been a better decision to keep them all together.

  2. But convoluted plots are for the win!I think you’re both going to be great. Me, I can only have the one focus, because first person MC does that to you. *bounces cause she wants to read Jas’s story so much!” I think that I might love too many of your characters this year. Usually I can at least pick out my favourites, but I dunno…hacker man and gay but not and girl posse… it’s gonna be tough ^_^

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