I try to make it through my life in my way, there’s you.

Sanity count: MIA
Sleep count: I’ve staying up till 130 or 230, and then getting up at 800. Does that make me a bad person?
Caffeine count: Strangely low. Only about three coffees over a twelve hour period, and then I run on stubbornness and water for another six hours.

Overall: I’m writing drivel, but it’s my drivel. And fire is pretty.

I burned a crayon in the fireplace yesterday, which was interesting. If you pick it up with the poker, you get drips of flaming stuff ornamenting the fireplace. I also bowed to the inevitable and fired up MSN, (Yes, I do put this on the same level as literally playing with fire,) and was rewarded by being able to talk to the marvelous MoonUnit/Kendra, depending on what week it is. We discussed lots of sketchy things. And silly pink girls. My oh my, I cannot wait till December, and being able to read other people’s books. *squees*

Are you noticing a certain “style,” shall we say, of coherence? It’s not an act. This is how I think right now. Though I’m omitting the profanity for KF-ness. 😛

But I also went on a 75 minute walk, and discussed the insanity of liberal lawyers as regarding the military with my Dad, so now I’m all inspired again. Yay for idiots in power! *cough* I’m looking at you, Deshaselane. The walk was good though. A bunch of people dropped their backstory on me, which was startling. Dulamon has a wonderfully sketchy past, complete with self-inflicted blackmail. 😀 And Etna is freaky. “The attrition rate at that age is, high.” Oh, and I also figured out, oh, lots of things.

*looks around vaguely* *headbobs* And if I have to listen to Japanese techno, new rock/country, syth heavy indie rock, alternative, hip-hop, uh- whatever it is that Kendra keeps finding and telling me about, celtic, electronic, AND straight-up rock to keep my brain from shutting down, that’s fine, right? Right? *thinks* No, there really is a stunning lack of “christian music” in my playlist. Oh well. *runs away to add linkin park and daft punk*


8 thoughts on “I try to make it through my life in my way, there’s you.

  1. Oh wait, so now you don’t remember? It was a paper of doom, and you were in the abyss, and I was stalking you to avoid my paper of doom, and you just started snickering over shinra. THEN, you played me a couple of lines of the song that had made you laugh, but we only listened a couple of lines cause it was really profane, and a professor might have walked in. And I’m not even COMMENTING on the time when you were playing Nickleback and Dr. Tingley and <>Animals<> came on at the same time. Oh wait, I just commented. My bad.

  2. Right well I’m going to assume that I had just heard the song, and was playing it to you cuz it was amusingly profane, and then never touched it again, cuz I seriously don’t even know what song that was and I hate Papa Roach. 😛And how did Dr. Tingley “come on” at the same time as Nickelback? Like he came into the room?

  3. I totally have a good Christian song on my playlist *angelic* Of course, I’m twisting a book of the Bible to suit my needs, but…yeah.*cough* Right.Try News Boys, Jasmine. Or Jars of Clay. Or Casting Crowns. They have some good stuff. IMO

  4. Uh, I didn’t mean that I have NO Christian music. *cough* I’m just picky about what I listen to, and “praise and worship” does not suit my fancy. I do have a bunch of DC Talk, Newsboys, and Whiteheart come to mind as being on there. Oh, and I should add my Casting Crowns song.

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