Thoughts on travel

A test. 

Think over some of your most memorable (negative) travel moments.

  • I once spend a four hour plane ride next to a highly vocal man who LITERALLY used the f-word every four words. At least.
  • I slept in a pile of suitcases for three days in the back of a van. Refugee much?
  • I was delayed for four days over Christmas, and the airline effectively shrugged in my direction and- no, that’s it. Just shrugged. 
  • I had my luggage lost for eight (8) days, forcing me to live out of my carry-on for that time.
  • I only realized when I was 16 that you don’t always get pulled aside and interviewed more closely when crossing borders. 
  • I’ve started Security in full outdoor winter gear, and exited in socks, under-t-shirt, pants and beading wire. (Seriously, people, is your brain even in gear? Beading wire? Gosh.) 
  • I’ve slept in LOTS of gas stations. 
  • I know how to find the coffee in any gas station.
  • I crossed the dessert double-buckled, with no A/C. Ponder that one a while, children.  
Now think. Do these things sound fun? If the answer is yes, you are unfit to contribute to any conversation involving travel, and may go lie down until your brain returns.
I’m clearly not thinking logically, because most of those things DO sound fun. 😀 *sigh*

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