This is your brain, on NANO.

So, I though I’d do this game with my Nano soundtrack, since it has, I think 200 songs in it? Or sommat? *looks* Oh, only 157. Shame. I must go shopping. ANYHOW, I’ve been wanting to do this for some time, but it takes time, and so I wreaked havoc instead. *chuckles*


Set your music player on shuffle. For each new “scene” note down the song that comes next. So no cheating. Unless you feel it’s necessary to skip a tune (say, the same song comes up twice, etc.)

Opening Credits: Forever and Alway, Taylor Swift
Uh, this doesn’t bode well. 
“It rains in your bedroom/ everything is wrong/ it rains when you’re here/it rains when you’re gone..”
But it IS a good song. *cheery*

Waking Up: Somewhere I Belong, Linkin Park
“I had nothing to say/ I got lost in the nothingness inside of me…”

Average Day: Pilgrim, Sarah Slean
“little blood and vomit on the vomit on the car seat/ and a tooth is sitting in my lap/brother if you’re hungry but not wounded/it’s time to stop and check the map.”
This explains a lot, actually. 😀

First Date: Alas My Love, dc Talk
“Alas my love we say goodbye/ Wipe the poison from my brow/Alas my love this guilty night/ Gives me up like a foster child/And in this moment I take my vow with these angels sleeping at my feet/ And in this moment you do not know how…”
This is my FIRST DATE? Good grief. 

Falling In Love: Shadowland, Sarah Slean
“There is no enemy/ There is nothing lacking/ You are perfect/ Swinging all ways and all directions/ You are Too Much and Too Little’s child.”
I could see how this works. *happy*

Fight scene: All She Wants To Do Is Dance, Eagles
“Molotov Cocktails/ the local drink/ And she wants to do is dance, dance/ Mix them up right in the kitchen sink/ And all she wants to do is dance.”


Breaking Up: Between You and Me, dc talk< “Sorrow is a lonely feeling/ unsettled is a painful place/ I’ve lived with both for far too long now/ Since we parted ways/ I’ve been wrestling with my conscience/ and I find myself to blame…” 
Wow. Uh, yeah. WOW. That’s not applicable now, is it!?

Getting Back Together: Silhouette, White Heart
“I hear the rustle of the fallen leaves/ racing through the autumn hues/ and my heart is racing faster than the wind/ feel the beauty of it all come through…”
Dang it, that works really well too. At least we know what time of year it’s gonna happen. 😛

Secret Love: Ways & Means, Snow Patrol
Wow. He even has the stalker voice going on.
“Maybe I can do it if I put my back into it/I can leave ya if I wanted but there’s no where else I can go/Maybe I won’t suffer it I find a way to love er/ but there’s no way out that I can see”

Life’s Okay: Rock On, KJ-52
“Are ya’ll ready for this/rock on/Are we finished with this/ Rock On/You’ll never mess with this/Rock On/ So come and get with this/ Rock On”
Oh YEAH. Nice……

Mental Breakdown: Mega-Mix, Newsboys
Well, I suppose that is rather fragmented. And it’s all perky!  Perk! (mod. quote) Next please.

Driving: Love Story, Taylor Swift
Good driving song, yes. 😀

Learning A Lesson: Everywhere, Michelle Branch
“Turn it inside it out so I can see/ the part of you that’s drifting over me/when I wake you’re, you’re never there/ and when I sleep, you’re everywhere.”
Sounds like a freaky lesson.

Deep Thought: Step up to the Microphone
“Woo Hoo/I say hello/ To anyone who’s listening/ Put on a show/ If that’s what makes your ears prick.”
I’m, concerned. 

Flashback: Jumper, capsule
The lyrics are kinda indecipherable, but it’s Japanese techno. Nuff said. 

Partying: Shine, Newsboys
“The proof is when you ask yourself “what’s my motivation?””

I go to good parties! *cheery*

Happy Dance: Jesus Is Alright, dc talk.
*big grin* Certainly a happy dance. 

Regretting: Time Is, dc talk.
“Time is, ticking away/ time is, ticking…”
This works. No further comments. 😉

Long Night Alone: Where I Stood, Missy Higgins
“I don’t know, what I’ve done/ Or if I like, what I’ve begun/ But something told me to run/ and honey you know me/ It’s all, what I’ve done.”
Indeed. Sounds like it’s good that I’m alone. 

Death Scene: Get Me Through December. Natalie MacMaster feat. Alison Krauss
“How pale is the sky/ that brings forth the rain/ as the changing of seasons/ prepares me again/ for the long bitter nights and the wild winter’s day/ my heart is grown cold/ my love stole away/ my heart is grown cold/ my love stole away/ I’ve been to the mountain, left my tracks in the snow/ where souls have been lost and the walking wounded go/ I’ve taken the pain/ no girl should endure/ but faith can move mountains/ of that I am sure/ faith can move mountains/ of that I am sure/ just get me through December/ I promise I’ll remember/ get me through December/ so I can start again.”
Okay, whose death are we talking about? Get out of my head, fates. Huh. That is lovely, though. I love that song. 

How would you describe yourself? Crash and Burn, Savage Garden.
That’s, uh, startlingly applicable. 

What do you like in a guy/girl? Desert Rose, White Heart
“Lost in a wind swept land/ in the world of shifting sand/ a fragile flower, stands apart/ There in that barren ground/ feel like the only one/ trying to serve Him with all your heart/ and you wonder, you wonder/ can you last much longer/ this cloud, you are under/ will it cover you?”
Oh, kay. I’d rather not have a fragile flower for a guy, but still…

What is your life’s purpose? Epitaph, Hey Rosetta!<
“Bad luck’s in town for the weekend, but it’s keeping away from us…”
And more. Look up the lyrics, if you want. 😀 Hehehe.

What is your Motto? To America We Go, Ashley MacIssac and Mary Jane Lamond.
My motto is a Gaelic song accompanied by a flaming fiddler? I’m scared now. 

What Do Your Friends Think Of You? Jesus Freak (Reprise), dc talk.
ROFL. Mock opera FTW!

What Do Your Parents Think Of You? Reality, Newsboys.
“Mom and Dad I am fine how are you/ I have joined a small circus/ that much is true/ I’m a little malnurished but try to relax/ can you find a better photo for the milk carton back/ send money.”
Oh, my. Nice. 😀

What Do You Think Of Your Best Friends? Flowers of Strabane/Brother’s Jig, Buddy Wasisname And The Other Fellers.<
Give er, ol man!

What Do You Think Of The Person You Like? We Are, Ana Johnsson
“Keep watching from your picket fence/ you keep talking but it makes no sense/ You say we’re not responsible, but we are/ we are/ You wash your hands/ you come up clean/ but fail to recognize the enemies within/ You say we’re not responsible but we are/ we are.”
Sounds like a touchy relationship. o.O

What Do You Want To Be Like When You Grow Up? Hide and Seek, Imogen Heap
Spin me round/ again/ and rub my eyes/ this can’t/ be happening/ when busy streets/ amess with people/ would stop to hold/ their heads/ heavy/ Hide and seek/ trains and sowing machines/ all those serious/ they were here first..” 
I’m insane?

What do You Think When You See The Person You Like? Gone, Tobymac
“I told the girl that you should treat her like a lady man/ she told me all the things you did and it was shady man/ she said that what you say and what you do are different things/while you were telling me that you were checking out them blingy rings.”
Uh, okay. I am concerned about my taste in, uh, people, now.

What Song Will They Play At Your Wedding? Mother We Can’t Get Enough, New Radicals.
“There’s something about you/ tears me inside out whenever you’re around/ there’s something about you/ speedin’ through my veins and then we hit the ground/ there’s something about this rush/ take it away/ y’made me feel so good/ got a feelin’/ we got a feelin’/ we get a feelin/ like we could die/ Just can’t get enough!”
Uh, right. Okay. *shy*

What Song Will They Play At Your Funeral? Jenny Don’t Be Hasty, Paolo Nutini
Uh, I have no comment. Except that whoever is picking the songs has a very strange sense of humour.

What Is Your Hobby/Interest? Innocence, Avril Lavinge
“This innocence/ is brilliant/ I hope that it will stay/ this moment/ is perfect/please don’t go away/ I need you now/and I’ll hold on to it/don’t you let it/ pass you by.”
I’m, not sure what that’s saying. MOVING ALONG, PEOPLE.

What Is Your Biggest Fear? Measure of a Man, Heather Dale
“Steel on steel/ break the blade that called him his rest/ and cast it to the deep/ light the pile/ name the one whose shield is on his chest/ and leave him to his sleep/The measure of a man/ stands o’er faults with what he leaves behind.”
I wouldn’t have named that as my biggest fear, but an irrelevant life is not what I’d strive for, yes. Hmm.

What Is Your Biggest Secret? Miles To Go, Heather Dale
“I hear he died alone/ surrounded by the bodies of his knights/ and heaven wept until no tears would fall/ I swore I would atone/ for failing him and shadowing his light/ with all the things I did/ and should have done.”
I seem to have a dark past. *big grin*

What Do You Think Of Your Friends? If Everyone Cared, Nickleback
“I never dreamed/ that you’d be mine/ But here we are/we’re here tonight/ singing amen I/ I’m alive/I’m alive/ singing amen I/ I’m alive.”
Yep! You make me happy to be alive. 😛

What Does Your Work/School Experience Entail? Mr. Hurricane, Beast
“Can you imagine living one more day/ with a beast right up in your face/ Can you see me dying in this house and anyhow/ saw a man invade lolly holly hurricane!/ Rock out in the harness/ let it go let it go/Stumble in the darkness/ turn off the light yo/ Frolic in the madness/ then take your pills/ finally a righteous.”
I never knew banking could be so exciting. 

What is Your Romantic Side Like?  Willow Tree, Chad VanGaalen<
“When I’m dead/ is when I’ll be free/ and you can take my body/ put in a boat/ light it on fire/ you can use the kerosene/ take my body/ put in a boat/ light it on fire/ and send it out to sea.”
Yes, Viking funerals are VERY romantic. 

What Does Your Future Hold? Paris, Gordie Sampson
“The train pulled into paris/ like a rocket to the moon/ station’s like a circus/ every face is a cartoon/ and everybody’s stoned on pride and drunk on cheap chamagne/ today this joie de vivre sure don’t live up to its name/And if you asked me to/ I’d steal the Mona Lisa/ tear it up in little pieces/ and lay them at your feet/for all the world to see.”

I’m a thief? Or involved with a thief? It’s a little unclear.

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