Facebook DRAMA

 Well, seeing as I mentioned this in a couple of places, and then didn’t explain it, I may as well explain what I was talking about here! Particularly since everyone who would read this either knows some of this, or doesn’t know the people involved. 

It was late at night on the 30th of November. The time when the budding madness that has been kicking at your door all month bursts into the room and starts drawing on things. I was talking on the internet to a person who was writing frantically to reach 50k. This person, who just so happened to be a guy who we will refer to as PCB, did not have a facebook profile. I offered to start one up for him. I could say that I used cunning falsehood and clever enticement in the offer- but I didn’t. It was, "Do you want a facebook?" "Oh, I suppose it is the night of madness…"

So I made one, friended a couple of people- and then things go a little interesting. It seems that the guy who I was currently impersonating has friends who want to actually talk to him! And facebook has a chat feature, which I had forgotten. A couple of profane exchanges later, (I wasn’t the one using profanity, I assure you,) the chatty friend stormed off to find PCB, and stole his computer from him. It is the last day of November, with his novel still unfinished, I shall point out. *evil smile* So PCB quietly stole chatty friend’s computer, and started messing with his facebook. Chatty friend tries to put the verbal smackdown on me on PCB’s msn- and I quote shakespeare at him- and he runs away- and notices that he is now Barney, has broken up with his GF, and is a Scientologist. It was shiny.

That’s pretty much it! Oh, except for the fact that when I was still talking as PCB on facebook chat, I told chatty friend that I was not a guy. Whereupon he proceeded to ask me out for coffee at buckStar’s. Seeing as he didn’t know anything more about me other than that I was not a guy, (so I said), I am now a teensy bit nervous about chatty friend’s taste in coffee guests. And what does it say about me that the first time I was ever asked out for anything was when I was posing as a guy on the internet? 


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