Am I, am I still tough enough?


Oh, you’re there? *coughs* Sorry, got a little carried away for a moment. At work today, I got ATTACKED, attacked I tell you, by another idea for Karma Police. I really need to get that thing written before it becomes as epic as Expendables
Which I’m still writing, by the way! And if there is anyone out there who wanted more, and didn’t get it yesterday, I’m sorry. I’m still 5k into ONE SCENE THAT WILL NOT END. So I thought I should at least finish it before I sent it out. Though I am starting to suspect that this story is my curse. It keeps spawning these scenes which just, keep, going…
Oh, and the idea for Karma Police? I get to be a bad guy. *maniacal chuckling* I’m still trying to decide if the rest of the Unholy trinity, (and Minions,) will be in there too. Torture, blood and mayhem FTW! I could totally break people, right? Right? 😀 Anyhow, by the time the first draft is finished the characters will probably be totally different. 
Oh, man, I love writing. I just wish I was faster.

5 thoughts on “Am I, am I still tough enough?

  1. You, uh, should leave spaces in between statements like those. I stared at for two minutes before I realized what you meant. And in that time your character changed a bit.

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