"Hello Hello, I’m at a place called Vertigo."

The Christmas Season has begun! Actually, now that I think on it, there have been a startling amount of social events I’ve attended since I last blogged. I should detail them.

Fraulein and I survived the Brownie Party tonight with a minimum of carnage or glue fights, and hopefully not too many embarrassing pictures that will turn up on facebook. *cough* 

Last Tuesday was the Happy Tree opening, which is a classic small town event. The small children singing carols they don’t know, the PA system which mysteriously, (no one knows how) goes on the fritz, the Cadet band with instruments done up in tinsel, the program which- despite it being exactly the same as last year- no one knows. For those who aren’t in this town, the Happy Tree is a charitable, uh, thing, where people donate gifts all December, and then they are distributed on Christmas eve to “disadvantaged families.” (Which one year included us, for some reason. *shakes head in wonderment*)
Then on Thursday was the Christmas Tree lighting, which was basically the same as the Happy Tree, only outside. It was also QUITE cold outside, which makes one look at crowds in a different way. Normally in crowds I’m freakishly aware of everyone within arm’s reach of me, and they’d better stay that distance away. This time, the arm’s length thing is dispensed with entirely. I realized this after it came to my attention that I was less than an inch away from an unknown teenage boy in a leather jacket and knitted beanie. Never seen him before then, but I could now describe the back of his neck. 😛 Thankfully right after I noticed this, Sam upset his stroller with himself in it, and I had an excuse to barge out of the crowd and get Sam some hot chocolate. 
Oh, and on Saturday was the Santa Claus Parade! My, this town is a happening place. I am now the proud possessor of a coupon for a small order of free fries, and Gid got to ride in the fire truck. 😀
I need to get back in the blogging habit, my brain is refusing to turn over. Ah well, I’ll try again tomorrow. 

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