"I feel, like I’m slowly slowly slowly slipping under."

It’s exam week! Only a few more days of torment, and then I can turn off my brain! 

Oh, wait.
That’s not me, is it?
It’s been rather interesting to see exam week again. Because, I’m not in it this time. For one thing, there is very little in MY schedule that is showing the advent of the christmas season. My christmas vacation consists of three days off; Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and New Year’s Day. And I don’t have all the racheting stress of exams to overcome and be relived of. 😀 That doesn’t stop me from acting insane, but that’s just me, you know. And for another thing, most of my friends have been weeping and gnashing their teeth over papers and exams. Oh, and not sleeping. Seriously, even if you don’t have to wake up till noon, staying up till seven is just not on the list of brilliant plans. *sighs* Oh well, I’m not in that world now, so I suppose I can’t really comment. Hmm….
Oh, but I got a money order for college sent off this morning! So now I’ve killed 27% of the debt, leaving only eight grand to chip away. 😀 It gradually shrinks…
Last year about this time, I was looking forward to going home, (soon to have my hopes cruelly dashed by Air Canada,) and thanking God for providing me with food for the past four months. Last year really was a practice session in how to trust that God would provide for my needs. When I needed friends, he sat them in my lap. (Sometimes literally. 🙂 When I needed books, he provided sales! And when I needed food, he provided money, food, leftovers, generous housemates, and a strong stomach; all at the appropriate times. I went the whole year, didn’t ask for food or money from a person, and managed to gain weight. 😀 However, I have issues with remembering the nice lessons God lays out for me, it seems, because I have been spending the last month or more freaking out about travel plans. Where am I going to go? How much will it cost? Am I ever going to see my friends again in my life? Will I ever escape my job? *winds self into a small knot over non-issues and whimpers* Then God quietly poked me in the head in the middle of the night and told me to CALM DOWN. So I did. Calm for me, at any rate. 😀 Now the plan is to see what travel plans God provides me with. He provided Augustine, after all. I’m sure he has some other crazy offers waiting to drop. *grins* One things for sure, the future isn’t going to be boring- it never is. Now if I can only manage to remember that this time…

2 thoughts on “"I feel, like I’m slowly slowly slowly slipping under."

  1. haha I was really confused when I started reading this….But yeah, wow, it’s a GREAT idea to look back on times when God took care of you and apply it to now. 🙂 There were several times last year when I thought I wouldn’t survive…but I did! So I will again. 😉 “When I’m worried, and cannot sleep, I count my blessings instead of sheep, and I fall asleep, counting my blessings…”

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