"Turn your down upside-"

Nine people in a three bedroom apartment explores new boundaries of- something. Particularly since I’m not allowed to get mad. It doesn’t work, when everyone is living on a knife edge anyhow. Heh. So I’m odder than usual, if you’re unfortunate enough to come into contact with me. And given that we’re trying to save money on food, I may be losing weight to boot.

It’s very strange.

I really don’t have words other than that.

I don’t know all these people at the Hospital anyhow; I was always the one who stayed home, and then I went away to College, and then they weren’t going in and out every often. So there are so many good friends, people my parents have gone through terrible darkness with, and I don’t have a clue who they are.

Everything has changed, again, except for all the things which are hardest to deal with. I know I’m not making any sense, sorry. Let’s start this over again, shall we?

I took the youngsters over to the university food court-ish, thing; which was fun. Most of the students are already finished with finals, so we escaped the regular, *cough* crowd. However, tomorrow we’re going on an expedenure in the MUN-nles, which shows promising signs towards being traumatic. Loosing small children in the bowels of a major university! Fun times! Oh, and I also dared the laundromat, which was rather amusing. It’s just a closet at the bottom of the stairs in the apartments building we’re staying in. Anyhow, the lights are on a motion sensor, which means that they’re automatically on when you walk in the door. However, if you’re sitting on the dryer reading, they go off every four minutes or so. Which means that you have to wave your hands about, or stand up and sit down, or something. At the end of a dryer cycle I wasn’t even looking up, I just blinked and threw my arms around a bit whenever the lights died. 😀

That’s about it, I suppose. I should let Fraulein use the internet.

Oh, I just remembered something.It seems that for at least the last four months, my brother and his GF have watched only one movie, over and over. And the the movie that won that position? Borat.


6 thoughts on “"Turn your down upside-"

  1. I MISS YOUUUUU!*ahem*I'm trying to decipher “MUN-nles” but I can't decide on the meaning. I mean, I know what MUN is, and I figure the addendum has something to do with…domain….territory….&c, but…yeah.

  2. Love reading your blog…miss you very much and praying for you …stay strong…I know all about MUN-nles and borat…officially the most unPC movie ever made…but sometimes we need that..Sue

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