"Yes, I am going blog EXTENSIVELY about your vest."

No, that was a lie. I shall just mention that Fraulein has a new vest, a denim vest, from winners, that was on sale, and that looks rather spectacularly stylish. She is wearing it today.

Yesterday, she was wearing jeans that fitted marvelously, a stylish blue t-shirt that I am unable to describe other than it was royal blue and stylish, white rosebud earrings, pretty nike sneaks, and a pearl necklace. I, on the other hand, was wearing; a black “Newfoundland Liberation Army” t-shirt that didn’t fit quite as well as Fraulein’s, a man’s black pinstriped fedora, cargo pants that definitely didn’t belong to me to the point that I had to borrow my 13 year old brother’s studded leather belt to keep them on, and my brown Helly Hanson runners (which happen to be men’s shoes, by the way.) There is a reason we don’t borrow clothing from each other’s closets, you see. We have rather different tastes. Despite this, people keep mistaking us for each other. I am starting to be tempted to dye my hair red, just to escape the comments.

Anyhow, Fraulein and I were out by the nurses’ station waiting to go back to the hotel yesterday, and looked each other up and down.
Fraulein: *hopeful* “Maybe now people won’t say we look alike!”
Nurse: *approaching us* “Are you girls twins, or just sisters?”

Then today, I dug deeply into my suitcase that mainly contains books and came up with a denim dress (home schooler uniform!) and cream pashmina. So when a kind elderly man came by to give us some bread and cookies, he assumed that I was my father’s wife.

What will people take me for tomorrow? Stay tuned to see.


3 thoughts on “"Yes, I am going blog EXTENSIVELY about your vest."

  1. Wow, yeah. I could totally see you wearing that, and it made me smile. I’m sorry girls, but you totally look like eachother. Not twins, for sure, but definitely related. It’s just something you are going to have to come to terms with ;P

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