"What are you doing here all by your eyelashes?"

Christmas is over, and I’m STILL tired. That may be attributable to the fact that I didn’t have coffee yet today, though. Hmmmmm…. 

Anyhow, Christmas. We had what was quite possible the most lavish and epic Christmas I have ever been witness too. We started at 8:00 am, with the unwrapping. And we went until 11:00 am, then took a half hour break for breakfast. The unwrapping commenced again, and continued till 1:30 pm, when we broke for lunch. After a long lunch, and some staring at the wall, we started again at 3:30 pm. We finished the unwrapping at 5:00 pm. Now, for some families that may be normal, but not this one. It took at LEAST twice as long as normal. People have been so incredibly generous, it just boggles the mind. 
So unwrapping took most of the day. Then PT, the Walrus, Fraulein and I watched Walrus’s new movie Transformers in the evening. It was a fun film, so long as I completely suspended all disbelief relating to the Military, and Law Enforcement, and the Intelligence Community, and how Relationships work. Oh, and massive transforming intelligent robots/vehicles. I mean, the SECRETARY OF DEFENSE was running things? And buddy broke an audio signal just by putting a thumb drive containing it in his computer? Blink, heartbeat heartbeat, and we’re seeing all these massive secrets-Right, suspension of disbelief. SUSPEND… *big grin* The Walrus really liked it though, and I thought it was fun, so twas all good. Oh and Moonunit called for 20 minutes, which was terribly jolly. It put me in a good mood. 😀
And now today I’ve spent most of the day sleeping, so I should really work on looking alive and going for a walk or something.

One thought on “"What are you doing here all by your eyelashes?"

  1. DANG that sounds like intense unwrapping times!!!! O.O I am in awe. It boggles my mind too, I guess. 😛Yay for Transformers! I love that movie, except for the things you mentioned. And I hate how all the people in positions of authority (parents, cops, secretaries of defense) are all ludicrous and totally made fun of. *sigh* the marines are the only guys who get good PR.Anyway, sounds intense/fun!

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