"Extra-Curricular Girl meets Audio/Visual Man- no, that’s really not cliche."

I fell down the stairs today. This has led me to realize I have one of two reactions to falling any distance. I either a.) Laugh, or b.) Get Angry. Today’s incident was of type b, for no discernible reason. But there was no lasting damage to either me or the steps, so I think we’re good. Oh, I also walked through town and looked for birthday presents for those my friends who have upcoming birthdays, (you know who you are.) However, when I realized I was seriously considering red alligator-clips, I decided it was time to go drink Chai at Tim’s and wait for Fraulein and Mommy. They met me ten minutes later, and we had a jolly conversation about many things. Who we would be if we were superheros came up, for instance. Hence the quote which is my title. 😀

Life has been ticking along, even without me chronicling it. There just hasn’t been a great deal I’ve felt compelled to talk about. I’m back at work, which has been fun, in a work-ish way. I’ve been learning about the new Visa chip cards- to replace the old magnetic stripe-signature ones- and about stop payments on money orders and such. I’m continually amazed at how much goes on behind the scenes in banking. Not that I even see most of it, but I’m learning about it! 
Last night we watched First Daughter, which was fun. Fraulein and I watched Chasing Liberty in St. John’s, which has basically the same plot, but is much much worse. FD is actually mildly believable, for example, with characters who act like real people might, and recognition of morals. Hmmmm. I was going to talk about the movies, but now my brain has just gone into caffeine low and I am thinking in words of one syllable. So that’s not going to work.
But I’m still alive, in case anyone was wondering, and life continues!

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