"You tell us if you have any issues, okay?"

I gave blood for the fourth time yesterday. Thankfully, this donation continued the trend of my third donation, and didn’t hurt. I mean, if it’s at all possible, I’d prefer not to be clenching my jaw and counting heart beats for fifteen minutes. 😀 Fraulein came as well, but unfortunately since she had a cold they wouldn’t let her donate. This continues her string of bad luck, since last time she had a reaction and had to lie down for half an hour. I mention this only because we look alike, as also previously mentioned. 

Moreover, Fraulein has a medium skin tone. Myself; on a good day I’m approximately the colour of a saltine cracker. (Complete with speckles.) This led logically to the nurses and volunteers asking me if I felt all right- every two or five minutes- for an hour. *takes a deep breath* But despite looking like I was going to keel over any second, I felt fine! I even walked home over the back hill. 😀
Wow, I also had an epic laughing attack that morning. I say epic, because I really couldn’t stop laughing, despite the fact it hurt! I was crying primarily from pain by the end of it, but I still couldn’t stop chortling. Twas very strange. 
There you have it, the news of the day.

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