"That’s what eyelids are for. You close ’em."

Gah, why am I so brain dead? It’s not as though I’m tired out from DOING anything, basically my life consists of eating, sleeping, washing dishes and staring at the wall. But whenever I try to write I just can’t think

*bites things in frustration*
I don’t know what I was on in November, but I need another dose. It was just nothing to sit down and pour out two thousand words at a time. Now I’m in the state of painfully eaking out a hundred, or two hundred words at a time. This, of course, means that I can’t finish a scene in one sitting, so I have to cry and cram my head back into what everyone is doing every time I sit down to try and write. In addition to the pure technical difficult of the fact that I can’t find the words, half the time, and the other half I can’t connect to my whatever it is I’m doing. *mutters angrily* 

Maybe I need to write a fight scene. Or torture, that’s good. *sigh* Or, maybe I’m just in that state of mind where nothing goes QUITE right, and I’m satisfied with ALMOST nothing. That’s probably the actual fact of the matter. Okay, I’m off to try again to utterly humiliate Kael.


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