Why I’m going to be wearing turtlenecks for the next few days.

For work, I have a key I have to carry around. It goes to my cashbox, and to reduce the chance I loose it I wear it on a lanyard. All nice and logical, no? Well, logical if you’re me. If you’re not me you might carry the key with your car keys or something. Anyhow, being me, I choose to carry mine on a lanyard, around my neck. 

Then this evening, after five hours at work, one of the Brownies asked why I had green on my neck. Me: “Green?” *runs for the washroom* My first thought, given my prior history, was that I had poked at my sore neck with a green indelible marker. But no, the truth was much more subtle and devious than that. Instead, the lanyard had diabolically decided to leave a line of corroded metal around my neck. It’s just about the colour of copper that’s been left outside for five years, and shows up nicely on my pasty skin. For those who do not have quite my skin tone, that is also the colour that bruises make after they’ve started to heal. As one of the leaders said, “it looks like you had something around your neck and someone really yanked it off.”
Which leads me to postulate that high collars are totally in this month. All the best people are (going to) be wearing them!

2 thoughts on “Why I’m going to be wearing turtlenecks for the next few days.

  1. Well no. When I wrote this I I thought I couldn’t get it off. However, with intensive application of soap the stain did turn out to be removable. Which is lightly disappointing, in a way, but opens up way more of my wardrobe.

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