January is the weirdest month.

Peter: (about photographers and respect for law.) "Private property? That’s just a way of saying someone else owns the land."

Kendra: "It’ll be fine, because I have eyelids. They close."

Stephanie: (About Orlando Bloom) "I don’t think he’s Man enough to be a womanizer, but okay."

Samuel: "It does say that swearing is dissallowed, but we never outlawed general obscenity, erotica, that sort of thing…"
Me: "Copy, and, Paste."
Samuel: "Oh dear, what have I unleashed?"

Dean: "Did you get the tracking number?"
Terry: "Tried to call Robert about it- of course he wasn’t in. But if we owed him Money he’d all but be coming through the computer at us!"

Terry: (talking about a player on his latest album.) "He does like to do the opposite of what you want. You tell him you want nothing there, and he’ll add a Choir. ‘Oh, you don’t want a part there? Let’s put in five voices, chanting, in a cave. No tune, no time- or just the time in my Head. Ommmmmm Om UMMMMMMMMMMOOOOO UUUUHhhhhhh ummmmmm ooooOOOO!"

Zack: "I bet you’re cute when you bleed."

Samuel: "I wonder if I could fit more pencils in my nose if I put the pointy ends up first…
bad idea.
BAD idea."


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