Cue insecurity, in 1, 2, 3: implement.

Wow. I’ve been writing, but I’m trying very hard not to think about what I’ve been turning out. I’m pretty sure the characters are morphing into people I’ve never seen before, the style of writing is old and annoying me, and I’m feeling more and more insecure about the actual plot. Yes, there is a plot. Kind of. It just erm, is special in whole new ways. 

And strangely enough, the fact that four people told me that what I HAD written, and was all insecure about, was good, makes me more nervous still! I’m pretty sure that was a month insanity brought helped by stress, and it’s never coming back no more. *more crying*
Ah well, I figured out the scenes I have still to write, and there aren’t actually too many? Some of them are massive, people get hurt and things blow up, type scenes, but I can actually kind of outline them, which is crazy. Okay, new objective! Do NOT reread, write! Write 10k or more a week. Then weep and possibly get stoned on chocolate. All right, I can do this…

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