Say hello to Vesper!

“We are young, and so is the night.” Discuss. 

(time limit, 8 min)
“We are young, and so is the night.” It’s a saying we’ve probably all heard before. However, it is true in only one sense. The garish night of parties and city streets is young. How can it be otherwise, having only been invented in it’s present form within a century or so? It has no history to fall back on, no memories to lurk in the back of your mind and smile at you. But the true night is what normal people avoid, and it is incalculably old. 
It’s not just darkness. Darkness is what the night looks like from the comforting sphere of artificial brashness created by electrics and loud happy people. True night is silence. Night is when the other senses come alive, and even sight quiets down from its daytime clamour and becoming imaginative. Night is secrets, thing half seen, monocromatic beauty, and it is very, very old. It laughs at our self-satisfied changes to its face, and remains hidden in alleys and the backs of houses. We are young, and the night is not.
-Vesper Agate Sterling

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