Don’t you get to get over the teenage “my parents don’t understand me” thing when you’re 20? Please?

It’s a lovely way to start off the morning, realizing once again that your family really has no idea what you did at college for eight months. And it’s even better to realized that they have a marvelous excuse, having been distracted with chemo, cancer relapses, and nine younger children. Oh, and the literal total lack of money to come up and visit you, and thereby see you where you actually participate in intelligent conversation. For once in your life. Good golly. 

Gah, now my head hurts, too. 

I just keep finding I have almost no motivation to talk to and/or be social with my family, other than guilt. *headdesk* Which, of course, does even more for my guilt factor. 

And yes, parents, my job is good, except that I don’t LIKE sales. At all. *more headdesking* 

Bah. I just needed to get that rand out there. Ne’re mind. 


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