"Sign a Visa application or I’ll sneeze on you." *hard stare*

I’m sorry. I fail at blogging, of late. Really fail. Mmmm, tea. *cough* Anyhow, things have happened of late! It’s true! For one, Fraulein and I had a social weekend. 

Stop laughing, you. It’s true. We really did. And I participated, and everything. *big eyes.* It was like this. Back in the day, I used to take dance lessons, in the next town over. And last weekend, my old teacher, and Fraulein’s current one, invited us out for a sleepover! It was originally intended to be for two nights, but due to work and weather related issues, we were just there for one night. So Miss H came out and picked us up, and took us out for Pizza in the aforementioned next town. So that was delicious, and I ate too much and we talked about many things, and then we rented Nick And Nora’s Infinite Playlist. Which is an amusing film, not for small children. *cough* Or young teenagers. Nope!
The next morning I woke up early, miraculously enough, and then talked over breakfast with Miss H about many more things, for two hours. 😀 It was fun. Oh, and then we went snowshoeing! I had never been snowshoeing, that I remembered, so that was new and hard. I, um, am rarely, if ever, the one to suggest and form of physical activity, other than a walk. But I usually end up enjoying myself, and this time was no exception. Of course, I am also ridiculously out of shape. It’s sad, how out of shape I am. And also how that does not inspire me to any exercise at all. *is sad* BUT- the snowshoeing was fun. And then we came back to the house, and highly awkwardly, I became ill. This is the first time in NINE YEARS that I’ve been stomach sick. So that was not good. It’s strange how apologetic you feel, getting ill in someone else’s house. “Um, I’m sorry, but I just, uh, threw up. I feel fine now though! Really!” *sheepish* So then I dozed off and shook for a little while, and we looked at pictures of Miss H’s trip to the UK, and then we went home early and I slept more. 
There you have it, my social adventure! I really am sorry about being ill, though. Kinda breaks the rules of polite behavior. *sigh*

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