Mmmmm- why do I do this to myself?

*Begin Whinging*

Once again, I finish my self-imposed benchmark of certain scenes, and then I write nothing for two days. We’re moving in on three days with nothing written for Expendables. Erk. 

Okay, that wasn’t really true, I wrote some of my Oh-Let’s-Mess-With-Continuity SuperFreak story, hereafter referred to as Liars and Freaks, but that’s still fun, so it doesn’t count. 
Anyways, this post is to wring my hands and lament my lack of “proper” writing. Because I still want/intend to hit my Sunday Goal, of 10k, but now I have two days and an evening  to write it in, instead of seven days. Good Job, me…. 
*End Whinging*
Okay, I was foolish, now to fix that. The good news is that I am now so close to (one of) the main plot point(s) that I can reach out and touch it. Come on, the attack! Let’s blow this popsicle stand! 
Ten Thou or ready for the attack, by Sunday night. I’ve done more….

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