Beware the Quotes of March

My friendlies!
Kendra: "No one’s hostage bait until they get caught."

Stephanie: "What does it mean when someone says they want to tear an exam in half and then take it to bed with them? o.O"

Jasmine: *to Rose* "Red candles and a little knife with a wooden handle. I remember the night we met."

Family quote-age.
While building a Closet;
-Courtney: *To jasmine* "Your eyes are like spears!"

-Jasmine: "I will not be defeated by some nails and an egg!"

-Courtney: "It was tough, but I screamed and got through it."

Courtney: *Finds an old band-aid* "Ewwwwww." *pokes*
Jasmine: *Flicks under the floor* "It’ll biodegrade."
Courtney: *Horrified stare*
Jasmine: "Build, woman!"

Courtney: "I didn’t actually come in here looking for pity- my legs are sore!"

Mommy: "I’ve put an astonishing amount of wine in the sauce. *looks at bottle* Or maybe I’ve just drunk an astonishing amount of wine."

Jasmine: *tastes some wine* *pauses* "Did the sun just come out, or is this really, really good wine?"

Sam: *who is three* "Maybe it’s in my pockets." *look at self* "I don’t have pockets!!!"

And finally, some from work.
Jasmine: "How are you?"
Jenette: "Oh, if I was any better they’re be two of me!"

Chad: "If it wasn’t for bad luck I’d have no luck at all."

Judy: "There are some wicked deceiving people out there, and they’re not all in Toronto."

Jenette’s Sister: *in an email* "So, I’m coming up on Friday. And if you’ve failed we’ll drown your sorrows. But if you’ve passed we’ll teach them to swim!"


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