Jokes, jokes…

I got back from work today, and found my BED was gone. Gone. Only an empty space where it should be. This is me, NOT pleased. Fortunately, I know how to respond to this. I go use my superior height and loud voice to make my bed magically reappear. I.E. I shout at my siblings. “My bed is gone! I will damage people!”

And then I noticed that my computer is gone.  This has gone beyond violent retribution. I have to give my siblings credit, they know what to do to make me meekly comply with their orders. The fiends. *mutters* They left a treasure hunt. Which I did. Threatening the while to cry. I think I got the closest to tears when I thought they had put my beloved Yinsen in the shower. Seriously, I would be broken. And then I would arise, tears dripping down my face, and wreak bloody havoc on the world. And my siblings, who live with me, unsurprisingly knew this. They had instead, put my beloved piece of shiny technology in the garbage. In the garbage. Yinsen is TRAUMATIZED. *pats him* I retreated with him to my room, where my bed had reappeared, and am coaching him through the necessary therapy. 
Yay for April Fool’s?

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