"Whatever we were on, it just wore off." "Yeah…"

I have currently been undergoing a slight obsession with the way French sounds and Russian looks. I have no explanation for this, and no real excuse. They’re just so pretty? And this is another benefit of being monolingual! (Me: “Wait, another? There are benefits? A benefit?” Myself: “Hush, you’ll destroy my train of thought.” I: “Like that’s difficult, huh.” Me, Myself and I: “Pay no attention to the internal dialogue. It’s all fine, we promise.”) When you only speak one language, every other tongue sounds mysterious and beautiful! With the possible exception of Arabic. That doesn’t really strike me as a beautiful language. But what do I know? Maybe I’ll have to learn it and prove myself wrong! 

 I am also struck by the fact that I need to blog more often. It all builds up, and then when the dam breaks, the torrent of my thoughts rush forth, destroying all minds in their path. Seriously, you have narrowly escaped me ranting incoherently about how Firefox’s tabs are so shiny and the password-remembering feature is so matchy– and no one should be subjected to that. You should all be prayerfully thankful about this close shave of yours.
*tries to think of a transition*
*looks about shiftily*
Today I made my first coconut cream pie. I haven’t made pies with pudding-type fillings in years, during which space we bought a marvelous new stove. This has led to some less-than-spectacular-successes, when the way we have always done things suddenly ceases to work. Making a pie was no exception! I had to change pots midway through to avoid globs of burned wannabe milk-toffee in the pie. Aren’t you glad you know that? Haven’t I immeasurably enriched your life? You’re welcome.  You see- it came about in this fashion. We are- in actual fact- renovating. And- in accordance with tradition and the fact that I am working in the mornings- I am Kitchen Tyrant. Tremble in my path, all ye minions.
This actually feels like a stunningly productive day, due to my Tyrant-ness. 
You see, having done extensive research into the subject, I was able to predict with terrifying certainty that if I got on to the internet, I would not get off the internet. This might interfere with my making the meal, I postulated. Therefore, I did NOT play with my computer, for an entire afternoon! I know, I’m amazed at my restraint too. Instead I formed hamburgers, and made brownies, and made the pie, and did some laundry, and baked some bread, and cleaned the kitchen many times, and made coffee, and finally sat on the floor watching bread bake through the door of the oven. You really can fit a lot of things into an afternoon! Oh, also I sang along with the music for three hours. Which is fun, you should try it!
Unless, you know, you don’t count singing along to your music and watching bread bake as being productive. Whatever works for you!

3 thoughts on “"Whatever we were on, it just wore off." "Yeah…"

  1. Sounds like an AWESOME day! 😀I’m extremely amused by the fact that I think French sounds like a lot of gagging and spitting and Arabic sounds really cool. 😀

  2. I like Russian. And I like listening to other people speak French. But I don’t like learning French. Arabic I love. But listen to German and tell me that it’s mysterious and beautiful. Because it’s not. All guttural and harsh. I also like Greek a lot. Mmm, coconut cream pie. Well done, darling. I approve of your productive day!

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