"Of course it’s gonna get better/ better better better!"

SO! Fraulein and I went into Gander this evening. She went to dance class, and I hung out in the library. Yes, you wish you had our rollicking social lives. Seriously, you do, it was fun. Two hours in the presence of many books, *happy sigh* and two hours of driving and singing along to the music on Fraulein’s ipod. 

The singing along was rather too much fun. We could manage the range, just, for most of the pop-y songs- the worship, etc. Then we hit Allison Krauss, and it got hard. And then we chanced upon Celtic Woman, and it got impossible. These people make the songs sound so effortless, until you try to emulate them. Which is about when your voice gives out entirely, and you start to suspect that that is blood, there, trickling down the back of your throat. I may have no voice tomorrow. But it was fun!

Also, I did this meme, (it’s a link. Click it) and the result was the below. It was enjoyable, AND creative. You should do it. 😀


2 thoughts on “"Of course it’s gonna get better/ better better better!"

  1. Can I ask you a personal question? Did Kendra or you do this first? I saw Kendra’s first…it’s HILARIOUS fun, yes? I did it on FB, so you’ll have to wait!

  2. You can ask me anything you want, dear. *winks* Kendra did it first. *sigh* But Courtney tagged me MONTHS ago on facebook, so I’m gonna do it twice. 😀

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