"Are YOU a sea squirt?"

I’m gonna blog when I wake up. Cause nothing good comes of writing now. 

After five hours of sleep…

Anyhow, yesterday. I started the day by sleeping through the Free Continental Breakfast at the hotel. (A mistake I did not make today, by the way.) So I salved my wounded soul with coffee and internet, and then headed out to the Avalon Mall, where I was scheduled to meet up with two old friends, Zach and Beth. I did consider bussing to the mall there, then I looked at the transfer I would have to make and remembered my notorious skills with buses, and took a cab. 😀 And mercy of mercies, I had a cab driver who WASN’T chatty! We drove the five or ten km in complete silence, which was nice.
So Zach and Beth showed up, and we chatted for a while, and then walked around the mall, and walked over to the university, and walked to Beth’s house, and walked to the bus, and took the bus downtown, and walked around downtown- I’m starting to sense why I might be tired. Usually when I come to St. John’s I just go to the mall. NO MORE. Now I shall “just” go downtown. The shops are so much more lovely, and the whole atmosphere is much more conducive to my eudamonia. I had intended to take pictures of downtown, but that came to naught. Regrettably, I found my batteries were gone as soon as I stepped off the bus. It was a sad moment. But then we went into the Hemp Store, and it was all better. 
Um, that sounded less law-abiding than I intended. *sheepish grin* It’s all legal, I assure you… I bought some glass ladybug magnets. And then we just roved along the street, skipping into teashops for samples and checking out record stores and cosmetic shops and t-shirt/magnet stores with amusing slogans. “I’m all that’s left of a bizarre childhood.” (I liked that one a lot. *grins*) Fred’s records was especially fun, because there are listening stations. So I put on the headphones and rocked out just a little. 😀 It was fun. 
And THEN. (Yes, the day is not over yet. Social events on top of social events!) We went to Zach’s family’s house for supper. They had graciously insisted that I come over to eat once they heard I was in town. This was followed by PT picking us up, and he, Zach and Beth and I celebrating his birthday by driving downtown again, exploring Value Village, and then seeing a movie. Then I collapsed and slept. 😀 So much for the planned lazy day! PT wanted set off some rockets in a parking lot, but the Law-abiding Zach wouldn’t let him. Which was what led to trying on funny hats at Value Village. What, you don’t see the connection? That’s just tragic, that is. Oh, and the movie was State of Play which was good- well worth the half-price ticket. However, it’s based on a 6 hour BBC production, which I want to see now. It felt like the movie didn’t quite have enough time to wrap things up properly, or something. They spend two hours laying a red herring, and then WHAM- no here’s the truth over here! Oh, movie’s over. Have a nice day! So, *cough* I’d like to see the long version. Also I’m a fan of British television. Right. 
Woah, the coffee’s finally kicking in. *blinks* Good times! *looks around with a vague smile* Oh look, my eyes focus and everything! Moreover, the man in the breakfast line ahead of me this morning tried to warm up an egg in the microwave. My family is laughing about now, but it seems a shocking amount of people don’t know what happens when you do that. So for those who haven’t tried the egg-speriment yet- (Get it? Eggs? Oh, I crack myself up) I’ll tell you what happens. 
The egg egg-splodes. 
Okay, I’ll go now, before the puns eat out my brain. Off to the airport in an hour and a half!

2 thoughts on “"Are YOU a sea squirt?"

  1. Hahaha I love you. And don’t worry, I’m from Eugene, The Hemp Store sounds perfectly angelic.

    Also, I just noticed your Quote of the Moment. 😀 Freaking win.

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