Wherein Zach gets the last word.

I spent the day hanging out with Zach, Riley, and Bethany today, all former Homechoolers from Gander. It was quite fun, and I wrote a bunch of quotes on my arm. *sheepish grin*

Jasmine: *walks up in a furry hat.*
Zach: "I- I don’t quite know how to respond to that."

Bethany: "We should dress up as the most fanatical Seahawks Fans!"
Jasmine: "Darn, and I don’t have any batteries for my camera."
Zach: "Once you’re stripped naked and painted red, batteries will be the least of your worries."

Zach: "I saw a Lotus yesterday. It was just sitting there, you know, making that purring noise that normal cars don’t?"
Riley: *dreamily* "Yeah…"
Bethany: "Of course, with all the potholes in St. John’s, it only makes that noise for about a week."
Zach: "Yes, but it’s a really good week."

Riley: *who is driving* "Don’t ask where we are, cause I don’t know."
Zach: "I saw a scary movie like this once!"

Zach: "Is that a dead body? Oh no, it’s a garbage bag. Well, you know how it is in downtown St. John’s. With the dead bodies all over the streets, you can’t be expected to tell them from garbage bags."

Zach: *yawns* "I hate being conscious."

Jasmine: *to Riley* "Look, I’ll make you a deal. I won’t quote firefly if you won’t quote Borat. Okay?"
Riley: "Uh." *pauses* "This is awkward."
Zach: "You know, really, once you cut out Firefly and Borat, what IS left of the English language? Nothing, that’s what."


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